31 January 2012

Mini Splurge !

Hey Everyone,
(Just a quick post)
I'm currently staying with my sister, so the lighting isn't brilliant. I went shopping with her today and splurged at the Chanel beauty counter (as always) I'm seriously like an addict. I really need to become more rational when buying make-up, because it's one expensive habit. I'm not showing the Make-up products here, as I want to do a nice big post about the new make-up, that I'm going to be getting over the next 2 weeks. However, I will show you what I got from H&M <3

I really love the Cornflower Blue jumper, It has lovely gold detailing on the neckline and also on the wrist & lower area of the jumper. I tried on XS which was the perfect size, but I went with a S, because it felt more comfortable.. plus I liked it more baggy than tight. It's surprisingly dense but cool at the same time, I can't wait to wear this throughout the rest of Winter, as well as the cool spring evenings. 
The next thing I got was a really cute vest top with " Today's Outfit " written on it. I can just imagine wearing it with a nice pair of dark jeans and heels. I do believe the jumper was £14.99 and the vest £7.99



30 January 2012

The world of India.R

Hey Everyone,
I'm back with another personal styled post. I'm gradually collecting some new beauty products, So I'm excited about that post which should be ready early Feb! ( Keep checking ) - However, I wanted to do a little post about my new business "Jewel By India R Cosmetics" AKA Jewel :) It's been so hard setting up and there are so many hidden costs. However, I hope that I have at least started making progress. Due to problems with USA Regulations, My American order has been suspended until Summer 2012 (However, the order is 100% taking place).  I really couldn't wait any longer, so I decided to take it upon myself to create a small range, while Jewel is developing behind the scenes. My first product is a hand-blended Honey balm, which is the first product out of a range of Jewel hand blended products.

Jewel Honey Balm - Triple Moisturising ( Ready to be labelled & packaged )

Jewel Honey Balm
( Pure Bees Wax, Apricot Kernal, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey Flavouring )

Jewel packaging - What do you think ?

Price £3.99 6ml 
(Same ml amount as Benefit lip balms)
UK postage £2.30
International Postage: £4.50

Promotional offers will be given to followers 



29 January 2012

Sunday POTW - YSL Golden Gloss

Hey Everyone,
So I really love Sunday's, mine usually consist of going to the gym in the morning, having nice food, chilling and having hot drinks... Oh and essay writing sometimes :| - I have a new Sunday hobby and that is POTW wooo !
I hope you enjoy the post!.

YSL Golden Gloss "Gold"
Firstly, This was a naughty splurge product. It was Christmas time and I walked past the YSL counter and without even thinking about it, I picked it up and brought it. I'm so glad though because this is a really versatile product despite it's glamorous looks.

In keeping with the French theme, I thought I would picture my little beauty next to my boyfriends Eiffel Tower lamp. I'm so excited to be returning to Paris this year <3 Anyway.. back to the product, this gloss is extremely luxurious and not at all grainy. I did worry about it being grainy and uncomfortable to wear, Glitter is gorgeous but sometimes a little hazardous when it comes to cosmetics. 

I have been wearing this alone and over other products, it's generally a very good lip gloss with good pigmentation and the ability to jazz up another product. I wouldn't let the glitter scare you because I feel like this product is worth the splurge!. 

(Sorry for the slightly blurry image)

The packaging is fabulous, as expected by a brand such as YSL. It's classy chic and looks extremely glamorous in my make-up bag.


Price 4/5
Quality 5/5
Packaging 5/5



28 January 2012

11 Questions - I tag you !

I was tagged by the lovely Claudia at theclaudiacouture. I’m so glad she thought to tag me because this is a great way to learn about each other. Firstly, write 11 facts about yourself and then answer my questions for you. If you want to carry on the tag then make questions for some others to answer!

11 Random Facts About Me:
-          My star sign is Taurus and I’m extremely similar to it ! ( Kind, Determined, Good friend, Needs stability)
-          I study a Business & Management degree with an American institution, that is linked with the University of Essex
-          I love visiting America but my favourite place in the world is S.Africa
-          I have a handbag obsession & my first handbag was from Versace.
-          I have a beauty obsession.
-          I want to have a successful online beauty boutique, as well as being a property developer when I am older.
-          I was lucky enough to fly on Concorde
-          I love collecting teddies and still sleep with them now!
-          I’m extremely loyal.. But very shy.
-          I have been eating Spaghetti Bolognese, most days since the age of 4! ( I can’t get enough)
-          My one eye is bigger than the other!

                                                        My 11 Questions For You (From Claudia)!

1.       What is your favourite memory of 2011
   Going on many lovely holidays to Mallorca

  2. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
This is very tough. I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood.. but I really adore YSL, Chanel & Versace ( I know that’s more than one, but it’s tough :P )

3. What is your dream job?
To have a successful beauty line & to be a property developer

4. How do you like to spend your weekend?
I’m a very homely person, and I love the company of my family and boyfriend. I like to go shopping, maybe go on a Spa day.. Or perhaps just chilling with a pizza!

5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you be sure to bring?
My Teddy, Iphone & something to catch food with! (haha)

6. Who is your favourite author or book genre?
I really enjoy reading autobiographies. I loved reading Michael Jacksons “Moonwalk” – I also like cute books about shopping!  

7. If you could be a fly-on-the-wall for a day, where would you go? 
To watch a Hermes Birkin being made :)

8. What is one electronic you could not live without?
I-phone !!

9. If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be?
I am lucky to have been many places that I have wanted to go, but I would probably say Florence in Italy.

10. What is your favourite part about blogging?
Making friends, It’s the most amazing feeling to meet new people and understand each other’s passions!

11. Who inspires you? 
My father, He is the most inspirational man in the world to me! – But I’m also inspired by all of my friends from the beauty/blogging world! <3

My Questions from Sophia <3
Thank-you very much for tagging me lovely !

Name 4 things that are in reaching distance of you right now :)
I-Mac, I-phone, Lamp & A drink :)
 What would your dream house be like?
                                 traffic polloution. mount of clean up costs that it creates every yearoorer health.I would like a medium sized house that looked gorgeous on the outside, with nice spacious rooms.
Do you collect anything?
Make-up & Handbag’s :) 
 What's your guilty pleasure?
I would have to say the above haha!
 5) What's your ideal lazy day?
I really like chilling with a hot drink and nice food
 6) What's your favourite make-up brand?
I would have to say Chanel because the quality is brilliant !
 7) Who's your favourite designer?
I love so many designers but I love Chanel, YSL, Vivienne Westwood & Louis Vuitton
 8) If you could describe yourself in 4 words what would they be?
Shy, Kind, Bubbly & Reliable
 9) Do you have any pets?
I used to have loads, but sadly most of them have died :(
I have A cat, 2 goats, chickens, geese & a rabbit
 10) Why did you start blogging?
To share my passions and to make brilliant new friends ! 

India's Questions for you
- Have you made a friend for life through the beauty/blogging society ? 
- What is your HG beauty product and why ?
- If you had £10,000 to spend in a Designer boutique where would you go ?
- What haircare products are you using right now ?
- If you had the choice to live in another part of the world where would it be ?
- What is the best part about blogging ?
- If you could sum up your life right now what would it be ?
-  What is the best thing you have ever done ?
-  What is the worst beauty product you have ever used ?
- If someone wanted to get to know you better, How would you describe yourself to them ?
- Name one person you have met through the fashion/beauty society, and why you like them ?

I tag...

I would like to tag anyone who wishes to do this ! 

Love, India ! XxX


27 January 2012

NARS - Deepthroat

Hey Everyone,
So firstly, NARS are certainly not shy are they ? with names such as "Orgasm" & "Deep throat". However, they make some of the most famous blushers in the industry and rightly so.. they are gorgeous. I tried various shades at the NARS beauty counter, and I was very tempted by the alluring Blue toned Pink "Angelika" - The artist said that I was very much suited to this shade. However, I wanted something with warmth to carry me through the winter. I tried Orgasm and liked it because it was Pinky and very pretty. However, Deep Throat had a little more to offer, It was Pinky but also Peachy with Gold flecks. This combination did wonders for my complexion giving me a Pink flush with the warmth of Peach & Gold.
(I wear MAC NW20 & Chanel B30)

Offers a Pink shade with the warmth of Peach
Good pigmentation
Will suit a variety of skin tones
It's shimmer may not be for some

As you can see I have basically nothing bad to say about this blusher. It's natural and offers a lovely warm Pink shade. I think this would be a great staple product, and that is why it's going to get a nice big

It's funny Orgasm is the most famous, but so often I see people advising Deep Throat over Orgasm ?
What do you think ?


PS - I'm starting to acquire some of the new beauty products for 2012, but I am keeping them for a special post <3 

25 January 2012

Loving Lips

Hey Everyone,
Back to make-up now ;) - I thought I would do a post on my current lip products because.. even though I wouldn't class them as my necessity item, I would class them as my luxury item. I have fluctuated between Pinks & Deep Berry shades over the last year.

Okay so the first product up in the left corner is my own product for my make-up line. It's called the Jewel Lip Pumice and will be coming to my website this summer. It will be retailing at £12.00 with 15% discount for followers. This product is great because it gently scrubs away dead skin by using apricot seeds. (It's a lot easier than using a messy lip scrub.

The Next Two products to the right of the Lip Pumice are my YSL Volupte in 22 Exquisite Plum & My Chanel Rouge Co Co Shine in Evasion. The YSL is a deep plum shade which was bang on trend for A/W12. It's very pigmented with a lovely melon smell, The colour is a little hard to wear but it can be toned down. The Rouge Coco Shine is probably my HG lip product, The texture is to die for and the colours are sheer but very pretty. 

The next two products to the right of the Chanel lipstick are my
Estee Lauder Brazen Berry Gloss
Burt's Bees Tinted Balm In Tiger Lily
My YSL Golden Gloss. 
I'm loving my YSL Golden Gloss at the moment, because it looks fabulous alone or over another product. It's glamorous and a great quality product. My Burt's Bees Tiger Lily balm has really good colour pay off and it's very nourishing.. more so than my body shop mango lip butter.

My two current favourite lipsticks are my YSL Frivolous Pink (19) which is a gorgeous Blue toned Pink, and my Mauve toned Pink Estee Lauder Creme Lipstick in Crystal Pink. The Estee Lauder lipstick is the perfect example of  "Your lip colour but better".

The Final product is my Chanel Gloss in Fatal, just look below to see how gorgeous and Pigmented this shade is. It is turning into a Chanel "Classic" - They are bringing out many products in this alluring colour.

(Sorry these aren't the best due to bad lighting)



24 January 2012


Hey Everyone,
Okay.. So UGGS are really controversial, you either love them or you hate them. I got my UGGS for Christmas last year (Kurt Geiger £225) and I hardly wore them in the months after I got them. I wasn't sure because of so many opinions. However, This year I have been wearing them a lot more and they are so amazingly comfortable. I should have worn them right from the start, If you wear them right they can be brilliant.

 I really like them because in the UK it's always cold and wet, so they are amazing for keeping your feet comfy & cosy. I also like them because they are different to most UGGs with the stripes and the Gold plate :)

Update !

Hey Everyone,
I have been feeling like just making a post about what's going on with me in general. I'm going to try and make it more exciting for you all though, by adding some cute pictures :)
Hope you enjoy <3

Jewel By India R Cosmetics
This has been a dream of mine for so long now, starting my own cosmetics line seemed like the perfect avenue for me to go down. However, It has been so much hard work and some of my directions for this business have been ruled out because of ridiculous Shipping, Imports & Customs. I have decided to start off a little more simple and hopefully build something fabulous. I already have a website and a Facebook page so please support me !

Okay, So being a beauty fanatic.. It seems only normal to constantly lust for products ? - I haven't managed to get any of the above yet, because they are very slow coming to the area in which I live. I hope to start acquiring these products by early February! - I really fancy the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, If you have tried it let me know what you think ?

Just found this picture of me outside New Bond St LV :)
I had just purchased my Speedy 30 in Ebene ... Good times !



23 January 2012

Get PINK !

Hey Everyone,
So I have been loving one particular shade, and it's Pink with Blue undertones. It is a very scary colour for some, but it's a colour that has interested me very much. I was actually matched to this shade at a NARS counter, and now I'm going mad for it. I have found some perfect Pink shades which are going to be great for SS12



DIOR Rosy Glow - Healthy Glow Awakening Blush 7.5g





22 January 2012

Sunday POTW

Sunday "Product Of The Week"
Derma V10 Ten Years Younger Eye Roll On

Recently, My eyes have been so puffy and uncomfortable and this product has helped give me some relief . The Derma V10 uses Caffeine & Hyaluronic Acid to combat dark circles. It is also paraben free, as well as not being animal tested (Which is brilliant) 

The price is another great bonus, for such a low price you can get a product that really soothes and combats puffiness for only £3.28 + Free Shipping 
( Not 100% sure on international )

My favourite use for this product is when I feel like I need a little something, just spending a few minutes massaging this cooling product around my eye area really makes me feel uplifted.

Don't get me wrong, I still like eye-creams but these kind of products are really refreshing and easy for on the go!.


21 January 2012

Product Review: Benefit "Watt's up"

I don't 100% feel like highlighters are always necessary, because you can always use other make-up products to double up as a highlighter. However, any beauty addict will know that Benefit creates some really good highlighters. I previously owned "Girl Meets Pearl", which is still my current favourite.
I decided to purchase "Watt's Up" because I needed a new highlighter, and I will admit it's a great product. The swatch shows how much colour pay off it has.
I do prefer using a liquid highlighter. which brings me back to my previous Benefit highlighter "Girl Meets Pearl"

The Good
- The packaging is great
- The colour pay off is amazing
- Highlights well with a champagne shade

The Bad
- I'm not fussed on the applicationo
- The lid always falls off in my make-up bag
- The blender serves no real purpose

I think it's evident that this is a good product because Benefit makes good highlighters. However, I do find it harder to work with than their liquid highlighters. I would always try before you buy, I would recommend you this product no problem. The only thing I do have to say is in this case it's all about preferences 
Creme OR Liquid
Pink/Gold/Champagne undertones

What will you choose ?


19 January 2012

This or That ?

Hey Everyone,
So tomorrow my friend is having her 20th birthday celebrations. Firstly, we are going for an Italian and then we are going to a few cocktail bars and finally to a night club.
I need help deciding on a dress ?

Stone dress - Boohoo
Coral dress - f&f
Shoes - New Look
Belt - Primark 
Bag - Versace 

Please comment below to help me choose !

Post Party Picture


Cute Blog Award !

I just received this blog award from Oh So Fabulous Darling!  and I couldn't think of a better fitting name for the blog, as it is simply "So Fabulous". Please visit and follow her blog <3

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Answer the award questions. 
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet. 
4. Award as many blogs as you think worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let these you gave this award to know that you awarded them. 

The Award Questions:
1. What is your go to make-up brand?
My main brand is Chanel, but I dabble between YSL & Benefit as well !
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
I was really into the Royal Wedding fashion, I loved Kate Middleton's Blue wrap around dress so much that I got one myself!
3. What is your favourite dessert?  
I love Jelly :)
4. Favourite colour?
Pink, It sounds so typical but there are so many gorgeous variations !
5. What is your middle name?
Jewel :)
6. What's the last song you listened to?
Lil Wayne Ft Bruno Mars - Mirrors
7. Cats or dogs?
 Both !
Random fact I haven't told anyone:
I am a true Taurus. Determined but Loyal, I'm a friend for life but I can also be stubborn. I also suffer with anxiety.

Award As Many People Who You Think Are Worthy Of This Award


18 January 2012

Fitness plan 2012

Hey Everyone,
So getting fit must be the most popular New Year's resolution ever ? - It's sometimes hard to stay motivated, I was a regular gym member.. but recently I have hardly been. I hope I can help you with some great idea's that I love myself.

  My Fitness Pal App http://www.myfitnesspal.com/
 this application for I-phones, android, blackberry & windows mobiles. It is the best fitness app on the market and it's very motivating, with a diary that calculates how much you need to loose and the ways in which you can safely do so.

Zumba fitness
I am yet to try this, but it's part of my 2012 regime because It looks so much fun. It's always important to have fun when exercising. I have done short YouTube workouts and I have really enjoyed it, so I would recommend this if you are lacking motivation. 

New gym clothing 
It's true but new clothes can really motivate you to exercise. 

My Plan for 2012
Okay, so now I have shared some idea's with you.. I will get around to telling you my plan. 
  1. Attend Gym 2-3 times a week for 1 hour sessions
  2. Zumba a few times a week
  3. Work alongside My Fitness Pal 
  4. Make a music playlist
Simple but effective, I wish you the best of luck 
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