19 January 2012

Cute Blog Award !

I just received this blog award from Oh So Fabulous Darling!  and I couldn't think of a better fitting name for the blog, as it is simply "So Fabulous". Please visit and follow her blog <3

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Answer the award questions. 
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet. 
4. Award as many blogs as you think worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let these you gave this award to know that you awarded them. 

The Award Questions:
1. What is your go to make-up brand?
My main brand is Chanel, but I dabble between YSL & Benefit as well !
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
I was really into the Royal Wedding fashion, I loved Kate Middleton's Blue wrap around dress so much that I got one myself!
3. What is your favourite dessert?  
I love Jelly :)
4. Favourite colour?
Pink, It sounds so typical but there are so many gorgeous variations !
5. What is your middle name?
Jewel :)
6. What's the last song you listened to?
Lil Wayne Ft Bruno Mars - Mirrors
7. Cats or dogs?
 Both !
Random fact I haven't told anyone:
I am a true Taurus. Determined but Loyal, I'm a friend for life but I can also be stubborn. I also suffer with anxiety.

Award As Many People Who You Think Are Worthy Of This Award


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  1. Thank You for the award India! Hope you have a great weekend :) xo


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