31 January 2012

Mini Splurge !

Hey Everyone,
(Just a quick post)
I'm currently staying with my sister, so the lighting isn't brilliant. I went shopping with her today and splurged at the Chanel beauty counter (as always) I'm seriously like an addict. I really need to become more rational when buying make-up, because it's one expensive habit. I'm not showing the Make-up products here, as I want to do a nice big post about the new make-up, that I'm going to be getting over the next 2 weeks. However, I will show you what I got from H&M <3

I really love the Cornflower Blue jumper, It has lovely gold detailing on the neckline and also on the wrist & lower area of the jumper. I tried on XS which was the perfect size, but I went with a S, because it felt more comfortable.. plus I liked it more baggy than tight. It's surprisingly dense but cool at the same time, I can't wait to wear this throughout the rest of Winter, as well as the cool spring evenings. 
The next thing I got was a really cute vest top with " Today's Outfit " written on it. I can just imagine wearing it with a nice pair of dark jeans and heels. I do believe the jumper was £14.99 and the vest £7.99




  1. what's in the chanel bag?? :)

  2. I love the vest. It's so cool. I will check online cause I want it badly ;)


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