6 January 2012

Review: Chanel PST

Hey Everyone,
I have decided to do a post on my Chanel PST, which I was VERY lucky to get for my 18th Birthday. I was so shocked and grateful for this present. Anyone who knows me will know my obsession with handbags, I am fascinated by them genuinely. I would just like to say that this is the hardest bag to photograph ever, So I'm sorry if the pictures are not amazing. I hope this review is useful or at least interesting to some of you, because I love reading things like this. I spend hours researching bags and looking at people's blogs who own them. Below, I'm going to post some pictures of the day I got the bag, and then some pictures of it now.

This was such an amazing day.

Chanel PST Black Caviar with GHW

Bag friends ! :D


Christmas 2011

As you could imagine getting this as a present was a dream. I am very grateful for it and it will always have a special memory. I almost got the GST, but I found it to heavy and large for my body frame. I figured that the PST would fit everything I need.. and it does !
  1. I-phone
  2. Large Wallet (LV)
  3. Large Make-up bag ( Michael Kors )
  4. Hair brush
  5. Body Spray
  6. Keys
  7. Water
However, I did hit problems with this bag. I was using it one day and the screws came flying out onto my stoned drive. I was devastated, as I knew I would never find the screw. I took my bag on a 3 hour Journey to London, and managed to get it fixed. However, after having it only a few months.. I didn't expect this from a luxury brand.  ( I still love the bag no matter what ) - Nothing bad has happened to it since, and the Caviar is by far my favourite leather, as it keeps a lot better than lambs skin. 

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  1. What an amazing present!! Great blog - thanks for following; favour has of course been returned! You should check out my beauty blog as well at www.freshlookbeautyblog.com - it's newer, but will be updated more often that my arts blog! Xx

  2. I love this post! You look so stunning in all the pictures <3

  3. You got yourself a nice good treat. Love your bag very much.



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