29 January 2012

Sunday POTW - YSL Golden Gloss

Hey Everyone,
So I really love Sunday's, mine usually consist of going to the gym in the morning, having nice food, chilling and having hot drinks... Oh and essay writing sometimes :| - I have a new Sunday hobby and that is POTW wooo !
I hope you enjoy the post!.

YSL Golden Gloss "Gold"
Firstly, This was a naughty splurge product. It was Christmas time and I walked past the YSL counter and without even thinking about it, I picked it up and brought it. I'm so glad though because this is a really versatile product despite it's glamorous looks.

In keeping with the French theme, I thought I would picture my little beauty next to my boyfriends Eiffel Tower lamp. I'm so excited to be returning to Paris this year <3 Anyway.. back to the product, this gloss is extremely luxurious and not at all grainy. I did worry about it being grainy and uncomfortable to wear, Glitter is gorgeous but sometimes a little hazardous when it comes to cosmetics. 

I have been wearing this alone and over other products, it's generally a very good lip gloss with good pigmentation and the ability to jazz up another product. I wouldn't let the glitter scare you because I feel like this product is worth the splurge!. 

(Sorry for the slightly blurry image)

The packaging is fabulous, as expected by a brand such as YSL. It's classy chic and looks extremely glamorous in my make-up bag.


Price 4/5
Quality 5/5
Packaging 5/5



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