7 February 2012

Blusher Collection

Hey Everyone,
I have been dying to do this post. I have accumulated some great blushers recently, and I just wanted to share them all with you.

NARS - DEEP THROAT £20.50 0.16 OZ
I would describe this blusher as being a Peach shade which is more Pink based than Coral. It has been my saviour blush through the winter. It provides a natural glow with warm undertones of peach.. but a prominent hint of Pink, which creates that flushed (outside) look. This blusher would suit every skin tone and I would recommend it as a make-up bag staple.

I would describe this blusher as being a vibrant watermelon Pink, with flecks of gold. This was my summer 2011 blush and it has lasted me well. It's very vibrant and quite an unusual shade of blush, it's very much a watermelon Pink. The smell is amazing and guess what it smells like a ?? Watermelon !! - I like that it also has the added warmth of gold shimmer.

I would describe this blusher as being a vibrant coral. It was sadly a 2011 Chanel limited edition, so you would have to look Online for it. I wore this loads last year, when I was bored of my Bella Bamba and it was really nice to have a change. I would say it was more of an Orange based coral, and after swatching it just to remind myself, it's very sheer to start with.. but once built up it's not far off neon!

Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel VS Dior Rosy Glow

Chanel £46.00
I had reservations about buying a blusher that was almost £50.00 However, It does have around 50oz of product compared to a normal 15-25 OZ blusher. I would describe it as being a mixture of perfect blush shades, as it has a highlighter,bright Pink, Coral & Peach tone. It's extremely pigmented and can be used by selecting the top or bottom of blush, or via swirling it to create a perfect combination. It's not glittery or annoying, it has a very beautiful glow and I think it's going to be a fabulously versatile blusher for me this season. I would personally buy this over the Dior as it's limited edition and has loads more product. The packaging is very Chanel and obviously gorgeous. However, I do wish they would have at least added a Gold CC or something to make it look more limited edition.

Dior £29.50
I was lusting for this blush much more than the Chanel, I thought the Blue under toned bubble Pink was a great addition to the Dior collection. However, I was bitten by the Chanel bug once again and gave into temptation. I have worn the Dior for almost a week now and I really love the bubblegum shade. However, I have to swipe it about 3 times to get the colour I want from it, even though everyone says it's so pigmented. Perhaps my skin doesn't have loads of moisture for it to react with ? - The Dior blusher features advanced technology to create a shade suited to your skin. I like this idea and the Dior packaging is very clean cut, I would have liked to have seen the Chanel brush in with the blush.. I think Dior wins with packaging. I would recommend this blusher if you want a really PINK blusher. If you fancy something more versatile then the Chanel can offer both very Pink & Very Peach.

Love India.R
(Swatches will follow)


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