3 February 2012

Chanel treats !

Hey Everyone,
I have been thinking about the way in which to do this post. I'm currently acquiring some new make-up at the moment, and I was going to do one large post. However, I have decided to break it up into a few small posts as I buy it, and then I will do a large review post.
Chanel (YAY) my #1 cosmetic brand.. and bags of course ;) - I went shopping the other day and got 2 products from Chanel. I'm going out this weekend on a hunt, as my mum and dad have kindly given me permission to hunt for some more gorgeous make-up.

Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel 

Did I just pay almost £50.00 for a blusher ? - Yes I did !! Firstly, it's stunning and secondly its very expensive but it does have a around 50oz compared to brands such as NARS/Benefit who put around 15-25oz in their products.

Finally, In my previous post I mentioned how in love I was with the original Chanel Intimitable mascara (£22.50) with the Gold band. However, I decided to try the intense version and I have only used it once but it was really great. 

I will be back with an all-round review



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