5 February 2012

Dior - Rosy Glow Blush

Hey Everyone,
So today I went shopping but due to the snow, it was a very quick trip and I ended up only getting one thing. However, I suppose it makes for better reading when I have more interesting posts. I must admit , this product was #1 at the top of my make-up list for 2012. I actually purchased the Limited Edition Chanel blush the other week, So I wasn't sure about my need for this ? - Anyway, I couldn't and didn't want to resist this gorgeous blusher, it's brightness and lovely bubblegum (Blue under toned) Pink really captured my eye. It contains 7.5g of Product compared to the Chanel blush which contains 15g but there is an obvious price difference between them. I'm not the biggest Dior "Addict" but this did catch my attention very nicely. I will do a Chanel Vs Dior very soon!.

I actually thought that it would be more pigmented on my skin than it is. I won't say to much, because I want to save it for when I review both products. 



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