19 February 2012

Getting ready with India.R

Hey Everyone,
I'm going out tonight for my friends birthday, I get really excited about going out because I don't live the uni life.. so I don't go out as much as my friends. I love making a day of getting ready, and just enjoying making the most of my health and beauty products. 

My hair is naturally dark brown but after highlighting my hair last summer it went a lot lighter than I'm comfortable with. I'm currently using the L'Oreal casting Creme gloss 28 day wash dye in Dark Brown/Darkest Brown. It's ammonia free and comes with a lovely royal jelly conditioner, it's helping me out while the lights in my hair grow out. 

- Babyliss heated rollers 
They are fabulous for my long dense hair, they create volume and curl!! which lasts a good amount of time.
Got2b Shcwarzkopf Powerful Voluminous powder
I haven't tried this yet but had something used similar to this on my hair for my photoshoot, and loved it. Perfect for nights out!
L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss 400 Dark Brown
I normally use Darkest Brown, but it's basically Black! - I have decided to go a shade down :) ( Please note all the dark shades are very dark!)
TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo
My hair is very long and quite thick, so I loose a lot of volume at my roots.. so hopefully this and my powder will keep my hair big and bouncy.




  1. Ahh you look lovely!! <3
    I absolutely love my Babyliss heated rollers :3

  2. Thanks hun ! .. they are so good xx

  3. wow your hair looks gorgeous! I love my babyliss curling iron, now I want to try the rollers!! xo



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