31 March 2012

Dirty Works Face Wipes & Estee Lauder Sample!

Hey Everyone,
I have just uploaded a few pictures of my new Dirty Works face wipes, and also my Estee Lauder BB sample. I have a review of my beauty blender, face wipes and finally my thoughts on my Estee Lauder sample for tomorrow.

Love India. R


Blogger Appreciation Award !

Hey Everyone!
I'm so happy that I have been awarded this award by my VERY good friend Sophia. Her blog is fantastic, and she is such a sweetie, it's great to find someone with such great taste.. but also a really genuine person. Please do visit her blog, it's worth it!.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post
2) Answer the following 4 questions
3) Award the 'Blogger Appreciation Award' to as many readers/commenters/supporters/followers as you'd like
4) Let the blogger know you've just awarded them, either through leaving a comment, a tweet, an email, etc

1) How long have you been blogging?
2) What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
3) What types of blogs to you like to follow/read?
4) What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?

My Answers
1) I have been blogging seriously since about 2010, and I love it!.
2) I suffer with anxiety, so blogging is a real release for me. I also have a huge passion for beauty, and I love making new friends. (Like Sophia!)
3) I love beauty blogs, but anything that has a cute girly theme to it. I also like edgy fashion blogs!!
4) I would love to get more and more followers, because it feels so good to know someone reads what you put effort into writing.

I Award
Most of the people I want to award have already been awarded, so I would like to offer this award to any of my followers  as you are all very deserving.


30 March 2012

Dirty Works - Eye Care !

Hey Everyone,
So I visited Sainsburys and found this total rip off of Soap&Glory, but I absolutely love it!. The prices are so amazing, and the packaging is also very sweet. I'm having a bit of an eye dilemma at the moment, I have already spent around £60 trying out some high end/drug store products, and none of them have worked. I have my eye on an Origins eye cream, and also a Dr Perricone eye treatment.

However, I think for now I have found a dynamic duo from "Dirty Works" which can do a nice little job for the time being. 

How cute is this eye mask ?

I really love the fun behind this brand!

Verdict - Eye Mask 10/10
I think Eye Mask's are probably the only definite cure for puffy eyes, when I seen this little beauty I could not resist. I love how it's fun like Soap&Glory but so much cheaper, I'm not saying it's better.. but it sure is good enough for me. It can also be used warm, as well as cold! - By using it warm it targets stress, and this can be done by putting it in hot water for a few minutes. I took it out the freezer this morning, and my puffy eyes are gone and feel nice and awake. I would say before you spend £20 + on an expensive eye cream, try one of these cute pamper masks out first!. 

Verdict - Eye Cream 8/10
I can't give you a definite review for this product, as I have only been using it 2 days. However, I can comment on it a little. Firstly, the texture of this eye cream seems to start off as a cream but rub out into a gel like formulae, which is nice. It is better used when cold, but it also works well at room temperature. I would like to praise it's amazing moisturising ability, as the Shea butter has already started softening my under eye area. It does have a slightly funny smell, it took me ages to think about this one ... but I think it smells like dandelion ? it's not a strong smell though. I also researched that dandelion is great for reducing puffy face/eyes, so maybe this is why I can seem to smell it ?. I will need to get back to you in more detail on this eye cream, but for a few £'s I think this and the mask will work to create a good enough resolution to any under-eye problems.  

Love India.R

29 March 2012

OOTD - Pretty Pastel !

Hey Everyone,
So I'm jumping on the pastel train at the moment, I have just come back from the Balearic Islands and I'm excited to get back into blogging. 

My top is from Primark It's a really light weight nude long sleeved top, which is perfect for the transition between Winter & Spring. My trousers are from George and they were a great find, I love this shade of Mint Green. My Jewellery is from Swarovski & Vivienne Westwood, and my handbag is my Louis Vuitton Speedy.. OH! and I forgot that my loafers are from ASOS.


Love India. R

Hey Everyone,
Today has been another lovely day in the UK, and I'm making the most of this OOTD opportunity!. I have been out with my sister today, just doing a few routine things in our local city. I decided to go a little casual today, as I wasn't feeling like super dressing up. I also got a few pamper items which are VERY much needed in my beauty/healthcare regime.

What am I wearing ?
Top - Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirt
Shorts - Hollister
Shoes - ASOS Loafers 
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy
Accessories - Chanel earrings & Versace sunglasses

Sneak Peak ;) of one of my next posts!



Jewel By India R Cosmetics

Hi Everyone,
Last week I launched my business Jewel By India R Cosmetics. It has been a very complicated journey, I had to postpone some great ideas because of importing rules/costs/laws. I have financed Jewel by myself, and even the production of a lip balm requires a lot of behind the scenes work. 

I'm making this post with hope that some of my lovely followers will help promote my website

I'm currently selling Honey Bea Balm (above)
Each product is customised with a Swarovski crystal & only the finest ingredients are used.

Coming soon
Rasvilla Balm
Jewel Mint Balm

Thanks for taking the time to read this post

27 March 2012

Fitness Diary ! + Tips and Tricks !

Hi Everyone,
I have decided to do a post about fitness, I'm definitely not a gym bunny.. but it does make me feel better, and It also helps a lot with my anxiety!. I'm not trying to loose weight, I just want to feel better in myself and be more toned. 

Diary - Entry 1
I have joined a new gym at my local 5* Resort, it's a lot nicer that my other gym .. which was full of people who loved themselves and were obviously on steroids. I need to feel comfortable when at the gym, I don't like it when it becomes some kind of show. My aim this summer is to be more healthy and regain some of my confidence. My problem area is my stomach, as I'm never happy with it!.

Fitness Tip
Don't ever ban anything from your diet/fitness as it will only encourage you to eat it more, it's more important to stay focused on what you want to achieve.. even if you slip up now and then!.

Motivation Tips
New Gym Clothes!
If you want to join a gym, then look for one with swimming/spa facilities, as this will increase motivation!.
Try a class, Zumba is known for it's feel good factor!
Use Maxi-tone/sculptress OR Herbal Life - If you need a Safe helping hand!

Raspberry & Chocolate smoothie - Brilliant for shedding stomach fat

1/2 cup skimmed milk
6oz Healthy Vanilla Yoghurt
1/4 cup of Chocolate chips
1 cup of raspberries 

I will probably re-post in 2 weeks time ! <3

26 March 2012

Updated Review - Dior Rosy Glow Blush

Hey Everyone !
Okay, So back in January/Febuary I had a surge of blushers .. NARS/Chanel/Dior/Benefit, and I liked them all but couldn't find a definite favourite. I purchased the Blush De Horizon from Chanel on a pure I WANT IT adrenaline rush. I do like it, but I haven't spent as much time with it as the Dior. I do have other posts on this blush, but I find it helpful to do updated reviews as well.  I also wanted to do another post, because I'm starting back with my business degree tomorrow, and I probably wont get to post again for a few days.

I have found myself going for this blusher a lot, and now it's even managed to be a permanent in my make-up bag. I really love the cool bubble gum Pink shade that this blush offers, simply because it's really nice for Spring, and it goes well with this seasons on-trend pastel theme. I'm wearing it in the shot below, which is also below as part of my OOTD Post.

What is so special about this product ?
 It's unique to every persons skin tone which is really amazing. I think it's a similar colour whatever your skin tone, but I'm guessing some tones in it will deepen/lighten to suit. It's also not a bad price for a high-end blusher it's around the £30.00 mark, My Chanel blush was £50.00 ( So I best get loving that one soon )

Rating ?
10/10 - It's a perfect Spring blush ! 

India. R 

It would be great to hear what blusher you are currently loving ?


OOTD - Feels like summer !

Hey Lovelies,
I'm going a bit wild with the OOTD's at the moment, but when the sun is out it just makes you feel like doing more cute outfits. I haven't quite been brave enough to put shorts on today, because its slightly windy. I only popped out to my local town, to put some petrol in my car.. but I thought it was worth an OOTD ;).




What am I wearing ?

Make-up - Chanel & YSL
Shirt - Aqua/Mint Green from Primark  
Vest - White Vest Top from Primark 
Jeans - American Brand 
Shoes - ASOS Loafers
Handbag - Chanel PST
Sunglasses - Versace

I'm currently selling lip balms, which are made from the best ingredients and are packaged very glamorously using a Swarovski Crystal. They would also make fantastic gifts ! <3



25 March 2012

Shopping !

Hey Everyone,
So today I went shopping with my boyfriend Daniel, the aim of the trip was to find him some new jeans for our trip to Monaco this May. He ended up buying a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, a Tommy Polo shirt and finally a Tommy T-Shirt. I suppose I felt the need to also have a little spend ;) - I purchased a STUNNING Blue coloured polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger! - Oh my god I am in love with the colour. I also went to Primark, and purchased a really beautiful Mint Green shirt, and a handy plain White vest top. I am desperate to get my hands on the AMAZING Primark Blue & Pink blazers! but they are always sold out :(.
I'm sorry about the picture quality, but my boyfriends room doesn't offer the best lighting!.

  Product List

Tommy Hilfiger Regular Polo Shirt - Yale Blue - Size 6 - £50.00
Primark Mint Shirt - Size 6 £10.00

Primark White Vest Top - £2.50

I hope you enjoyed this post

24 March 2012

Please show your support !

Sophia With Love
Contact me now for a quote 
My great friend Sophia is soon to launch her Online boutique selling everything beautiful and girly (Sounds like heaven to me) - It would be really great if you could visit the following links, and show her some support. She is such a lovely person, and I wish her the very best!.

Facebook Like !!

Love India.R

22 March 2012

YSL Glossy Stain (18) - Review

Hey Everyone,
I love to buy a few things from duty free, I mean why not with the discount ;). I got myself my third bottle of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua! .. and I simply caved into buying a YSL glossy stain. I seen Claudia from the ClaudiaCouture with the same one, and it looked great on her. I love Kim Kardashian, and her sisters.. and number 18 is a shade they would definitely wear. 
(I like to use it over my YSL Volupte in 19)

( They are very similar in their tones )


Firstly, What another brilliant lip product from YSL! - If you have not tried a glossy stain, then I would seriously advise it. The smell is amazing and fruity as normal from YSL, and the texture is like a combination of every lip product possible. I found that this shade doesn't stay on my lips brilliantly, as it's a very milky Pink. However, I have been able to pair it with my YSL 19 .. and it's a magic duo. The price of these is usually £22.50 which is about normal, for a high end lip product. I must admit my all time favourite is still Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 48 Evasion!... but for this seasons pastel trend, YSL have some really great Pink shades.


I also purchased myself some perfume, I almost purchased Prada Candy... but it was very heavy. It smelt fab, but I am very sensitive with perfume, and I just felt it was a little heavy. I ended up purchasing CK ONE SHOCK £35.00

( Vanilla,Chocolate,Fruit,Blackberry ) - This is a sweet summery perfume, which is a little lighter than Prada Candy!.


Holiday Pics!

Hey Everyone,
It has been so hard to blog lately, I have had so many assignments and work to do. I also just got back from a lovely holiday, I'm really sorry to my lovely friends I haven't replied to yet!. I hope you enjoy this post, and I would love to hear off some of you!.
Sunglasses: Versace
Jumper: H&M
Shorts: Hollister
Bag: Limited Edition Longchamp Le Pliage

Isn't this a lovely picture ? - The weather was stunning for March!

This was on a road to some amazing caves! - My dress was £80.00 from Poetry. 

Isn't that amazing ? - I couldn't get good pictures inside :(

Everything is from H&M - Champagne from the hotel for my dads birthday! 

My next post will be a product review ;)
Speak soon!

16 March 2012


Hey everyone :)
So this is my first attempt at blogging via my iPhone. I hope it's okay! - I'm having a great time just relaxing! We haven't got anything super excited planned, just good food and some relaxation. I did manage to visit duty free for my third Chanel Vitalumiere aqua!! and a YSL glossy stain in 18!. I'm going to attempt to post some pictures below, so I hope you enjoy!
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