30 March 2012

Dirty Works - Eye Care !

Hey Everyone,
So I visited Sainsburys and found this total rip off of Soap&Glory, but I absolutely love it!. The prices are so amazing, and the packaging is also very sweet. I'm having a bit of an eye dilemma at the moment, I have already spent around £60 trying out some high end/drug store products, and none of them have worked. I have my eye on an Origins eye cream, and also a Dr Perricone eye treatment.

However, I think for now I have found a dynamic duo from "Dirty Works" which can do a nice little job for the time being. 

How cute is this eye mask ?

I really love the fun behind this brand!

Verdict - Eye Mask 10/10
I think Eye Mask's are probably the only definite cure for puffy eyes, when I seen this little beauty I could not resist. I love how it's fun like Soap&Glory but so much cheaper, I'm not saying it's better.. but it sure is good enough for me. It can also be used warm, as well as cold! - By using it warm it targets stress, and this can be done by putting it in hot water for a few minutes. I took it out the freezer this morning, and my puffy eyes are gone and feel nice and awake. I would say before you spend £20 + on an expensive eye cream, try one of these cute pamper masks out first!. 

Verdict - Eye Cream 8/10
I can't give you a definite review for this product, as I have only been using it 2 days. However, I can comment on it a little. Firstly, the texture of this eye cream seems to start off as a cream but rub out into a gel like formulae, which is nice. It is better used when cold, but it also works well at room temperature. I would like to praise it's amazing moisturising ability, as the Shea butter has already started softening my under eye area. It does have a slightly funny smell, it took me ages to think about this one ... but I think it smells like dandelion ? it's not a strong smell though. I also researched that dandelion is great for reducing puffy face/eyes, so maybe this is why I can seem to smell it ?. I will need to get back to you in more detail on this eye cream, but for a few £'s I think this and the mask will work to create a good enough resolution to any under-eye problems.  

Love India.R

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