27 March 2012

Fitness Diary ! + Tips and Tricks !

Hi Everyone,
I have decided to do a post about fitness, I'm definitely not a gym bunny.. but it does make me feel better, and It also helps a lot with my anxiety!. I'm not trying to loose weight, I just want to feel better in myself and be more toned. 

Diary - Entry 1
I have joined a new gym at my local 5* Resort, it's a lot nicer that my other gym .. which was full of people who loved themselves and were obviously on steroids. I need to feel comfortable when at the gym, I don't like it when it becomes some kind of show. My aim this summer is to be more healthy and regain some of my confidence. My problem area is my stomach, as I'm never happy with it!.

Fitness Tip
Don't ever ban anything from your diet/fitness as it will only encourage you to eat it more, it's more important to stay focused on what you want to achieve.. even if you slip up now and then!.

Motivation Tips
New Gym Clothes!
If you want to join a gym, then look for one with swimming/spa facilities, as this will increase motivation!.
Try a class, Zumba is known for it's feel good factor!
Use Maxi-tone/sculptress OR Herbal Life - If you need a Safe helping hand!

Raspberry & Chocolate smoothie - Brilliant for shedding stomach fat

1/2 cup skimmed milk
6oz Healthy Vanilla Yoghurt
1/4 cup of Chocolate chips
1 cup of raspberries 

I will probably re-post in 2 weeks time ! <3


  1. I Wish I had the motivation to join a gym :) I'm too lazy !


    1. Hi Chelsea,
      I'm not the best at the gym either !
      Thanks for checking my blog

  2. Some great tips <3 I really want to get more fit this year :)




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