8 March 2012

Holiday Series - Packing ! & OOTD

Hey Everyone,
I thought I would show you a sneak look into what I'm taking in my very attractive Zebra case ;). I want to get a Louis Vuitton case for my 21st Birthday, it would look so nice when travelling.

The weather isn't going to be boiling but it should be between 15-18 degrees and sunny. I don't mind because it's only March and it's to celebrate my dads birthday!. I also have a cheeky OOTD for you all ;)

Jumper: Jack Wills 
Jeans: American brand
Bag: LV Speedy

This is only a quick preview of some of the items I'm taking away with me. I have a few light weight jumpers, just in case it gets a bit breezy by the coast. I'm also going to be taking my two Louis Vuitton bags and my Longchamp Le Pliage!, I love these bags and they will be great on holiday. I'm also taking a few nice dresses for meals at night, and also some jeans/shorts. I am SO in love with my cute loafers from ASOS, they will look great with so many outfits!. 

Hope you enjoyed this post !



  1. I love the tan shoes! very cute! :)
    Maybe you could check out my blog sometime it's new!

  2. Those loafers are adorable!! Hope you had a great trip!!


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