3 March 2012

Holiday Series - Skincare

Hey Everyone,
So I'm going on holiday with my parents for my fathers birthday to the Balearic's. I'm really excited to get away for a week, and enjoy the Mediterranean life style. I'm going to be doing a travel series for skincare, make-up, clothes and maybe a necessities post!.

I will be making the most of the hydrotherapy pool and spa !

I have decided to take my inexpensive skincare over my expensive skincare, as I would be devastated if any of the pots broke... I think I would be almost heart broken. However, I am taking my Temple Spa in the beginning cleansing melt, as it will add radiance and fill my skin with lovely Mediterranean oils!. My Simple Skincare will be nice and easy to travel with, and I also have my Pro V caffeine eye roller and my Clear skin witch hazel toner. 

I love the packaging for Temple Spa!

This product is full of delicious Mediterranean oils, it's so luxurious and it's my only high-end traveller for this holiday!. 

My next post will be about what make-up I'm taking away :)

Love India.R

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