5 March 2012

Loving Tea Tree !

Hey Everyone,
I have decided to add a few more drug store posts, just because it makes things more interesting. I have has a major thing about skincare recently, and I'm a sucker for tea tree & witch hazel. I kind of like the way it makes my face feel cold, I know that might sound weird!. 

Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Foam Face Wash 160ml

Product +
- It's very refreshing and leaves a cooling feeling for a good 5-10 minutes after use
- It feels like it's working the minute you put it on your face
- The bottle is fantastic and really easy to pump
- The product turns from a foam into a creamy based substance which is pleasant
- Great price 2.99

Product -
- It's very strong smelling, which could irritate some
- I think it may be a little abrasive for sensitive skin 
- Could possibly create redness 

I know I haven't given this product many negatives, but I would warn people that it's fairy abrasive. I think it would obviously suit an oily skin-tone, but I'm not sure how it would work for sensitive skin types. I like it because it feels like it's doing something to my skin. It kind of feels like an instant clean out, which is quite nice if you can handle it.

Hope this has helped
visit Superdrug for this item

(Will add pictures of my product tomorrow day)


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