1 March 2012

More Simple!

Hey Everyone,
So I can't seem to stop buying Simple products, I'm really unsatisfied with the lack of anything exciting within these products, and I wish I could just smell or feel them doing something. However, despite my little moan... I really do quite like Simple! It's not the most exciting, but I don't think it try's to be. I'm rather impressed with these new wipes, and thought it would be a good time to give them a review!.

What do they contain ?
Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera

How do they feel ?
I'm not going to lie, they are quite coarse!. They don't hurt or anything but they are quite rough, if you scrub away with them to much. However, after using them my skin feels so soft which is a big plus to this product.

How does Simple compare to higher end skincare ?
I honestly think the name of the brand says it all, it's good value and does a good job. It has nothing fancy to it at all, but sometimes that is better for an everyday routine. My Temple Spa routine is very rich and full of special ingredients, and sometimes I worry it might be to much for my skin everyday. 

Price ?
I think they are between £3-4.50 depending on where you buy them!



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