26 March 2012

Updated Review - Dior Rosy Glow Blush

Hey Everyone !
Okay, So back in January/Febuary I had a surge of blushers .. NARS/Chanel/Dior/Benefit, and I liked them all but couldn't find a definite favourite. I purchased the Blush De Horizon from Chanel on a pure I WANT IT adrenaline rush. I do like it, but I haven't spent as much time with it as the Dior. I do have other posts on this blush, but I find it helpful to do updated reviews as well.  I also wanted to do another post, because I'm starting back with my business degree tomorrow, and I probably wont get to post again for a few days.

I have found myself going for this blusher a lot, and now it's even managed to be a permanent in my make-up bag. I really love the cool bubble gum Pink shade that this blush offers, simply because it's really nice for Spring, and it goes well with this seasons on-trend pastel theme. I'm wearing it in the shot below, which is also below as part of my OOTD Post.

What is so special about this product ?
 It's unique to every persons skin tone which is really amazing. I think it's a similar colour whatever your skin tone, but I'm guessing some tones in it will deepen/lighten to suit. It's also not a bad price for a high-end blusher it's around the £30.00 mark, My Chanel blush was £50.00 ( So I best get loving that one soon )

Rating ?
10/10 - It's a perfect Spring blush ! 

India. R 

It would be great to hear what blusher you are currently loving ?



  1. I wanted this blusher as well but wasn't sure about getting it as it looks very pink?

    :) x

    1. Hi Ellen,
      It does look very pink, but It does adjust to your skin tone. I find it more subtle than it looks to be honest. I also have the Chanel limited ed blush, and it's way more pigmented than the Dior. I also have quite a lot of the Dior on in my picture. The sales assistants only recommend one swipe =]

      I hope you will take the time to visit my website www.jewelbyindiarcosmetics.co.uk - I'm currently selling a gorgeous lip balm

    2. love the colour of your blouse

  2. Dior is always good!



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