21 April 2012

10 Little Secrets Tag

What is the one product that makes you feel like a million dollars ?
It has to be my Temple Spa "Skin Truffle" what can be better than applying a cream filled with Gold, Diamond dust and Chocolate truffles!. 
What is your skincare secret ?
Invest in "Spa" skincare, as I find that Spa skincare is so much nicer on the skin compared to beauty companies who mainly sell cosmetics. There are high end brands like Temple Spa/Elemis, but also very affordable brands like Nspa in ASDA.
Share your hair care secret ?
I would say Kerastase products, and L'Oreal Professional products work best for me!.
What is your biggest diet rule ?
Make it more fun, I love getting frozen fruit and making delicious smoothies.
Any Workout tips ?
I-Phone apps are pretty good especially "Mynetdiary" & "Myfitnesspal" - I also think a good playlist, and a specific goal helps.
Which perfume is your secret weapon?
I have worn Chanel,Dior,Prada,CK recently .. but my Britney Spears "fantasy" perfume always had the most comments when I used to wear it.
A clothing item which always turns heads ?
I don't really know ? but LBD's always work!.
What is your most treasured piece of jewellery ?
I love my Tiffany/Chanel jewellery, but I will always love my Swarovski crystal bracelet which was my first ever present off my boyfriend. 
Who is your style crush ?
I have a little thing for the Kardashian's, and the younger sisters dress great now as well. 
Tell us something we don't know about you ?
I can never think of anything, and then I think of something great as soon as I go off my laptop!! - hmm, I was in an U18's hockey team, and got selected to go on tour in Barbados in 2008!. 

Thanks for reading this my lovely followers! - Feel free to take the tag and do it on your own page, I tag everyone! <3
Love India.R XxX

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  1. I did this tag a while back too. Enjoyed reading your answers. I love Kerastase products too.



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