20 April 2012

Birthday Plans - 20th!

Hey Everyone!
So I felt like doing a birthday post, it seems like the years are coming around quicker and quicker these days. However, I hope to have a lovely birthday, and will be filling you all in on my return. I'm not actually going for another week and a half, so this post is a little bit of "pre excitement". My birthday is actually on the 1st May. However, I like to write/read personal posts, as they are nice change sometimes. 

This is me when I was like maybe 5/6 doing the sack race, I feel so old now it's unreal.

My best birthday present is going to be my weekend in Monte Carlo, which my boyfriend of 4 years has kindly paid for. This is the view from our hotel, and I can't wait to dress up glamorous, and just have a fabulous time away with him. 

Then the week after I'm going away with my parents to the Balearic's to this lovely spa hotel, and we are going to have a nice "belated birthday meal" at this gorgeous location(below), which we visit often.

I also hope to pick up a few items of make-up in duty free that I have my eye on, and I will be sure to do a post about if for you on my return. I'm also having trouble deciding what to buy for my birthday, so any help would be greatly appreciated. It's between Louboutin shoes, I pad and Dior sunglasses.




  1. Aww Hope You Have An Amazing Time Birthday Girl :) I'd definitely go for the Louboutins :) I have a pair and i always feel amazing when i put them on haha


  2. wow, it sounds like you are going to have an amazing birthday!!! monte carlo and a spa hotel sound absolutely fantastic to me! advanced happy birthday!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  3. wow.. i hope u have a great birthday:)
    the pics are amazing
    btw if u like lets follow each other

  4. Happy Advanced Birthday India! I'd definitely go with the Louboutins. Whenever I wear them I have this amazing confidence and I adore mines. Can't wait to get my second pair soon :) I have an iPad 2 and it isn't all too fun, after a month I was bored of it.



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