12 April 2012

Blog Of Beauty Tag !

I was tagged by the VERY lovely Sophia Meola so please go ahead and check her fabulous blog out!!

The Rules
1. You must answer all 5 questions
2. You must tag 6 other beauty bloggers
3. You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

1.      What is your favourite part about blogging?
      I really love writing about things I love, and to have people interested in that is a real compliment. It’s so relaxing, and really helps me with my anxiety. I also love making friends, and I have made some great friends from blogging.

2. Is there something you don't like about blogging?
The only negative blogging experience I had was tumblr. I had many nasty comments and it was quite hurtful. I’m not a horrible person at all, so to have people judging me like that wasn’t very nice. I don’t use it anymore and I have found the blogger society is SO much nicer.
3. What are your favorite posts to read?
I actually really like OOTD & Reviews. I love product reviews, and I suppose that is what I like the most.

4. What is your favorite post from your own blog?
That is so tough, umm – I think maybe my “Pretty Pastel OOTD” I got so many nice comments and messages about that post.

5. What beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog?
Everything!!. This is a genuine answer, if I see something with a good review.. then I genuinely do want to try it haha. 

I tag you!

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