24 April 2012

Primark & Miss Selfridge

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well ? - I have been really busy with my work, and I have also been fairly unwell again.  However, I did pop out today in search of another outfit for my Monaco trip. I'm still undecided on what to buy for my birthday, I'm thinking Louboutins/Ipad or maybe just a mass of expensive make-up haha.

I picked up this lovely "Bardot" styled dress from Miss Selfridge at £22.00 It's a classic French style, and it also pairs lovely with my new Primark blazer. I did take pictures of it, but it really didn't do it any justice, compared to the picture below. 

Primark Stone Blazer £20.00

Primark Bangles £4.00

I have been trying to find a blazer for ages now and I have had my eye on some Topshop ones, but the last 5 times I have been in store they have been sold out. I needed one in time for Monaco, that was a suitable neutral colour. I was hoping for something more on the Pink/Peach side of nude, but this light Beige option is super nice from Primark. I purchased it in a size 10 as my usual size 6/8 was quite fitted, and I wanted to achieve more of a "cool" casual kind of look.



  1. Just stumbled across your blog, I love your style and the primark blazer is so nice, am now following :) x


  2. If your looking for a peachy coral blazer Matalan had one last time i was in :) and students get student discount YAY haha xxx

    1. Thanks Doll, I will have to check!! they had some lovely ones in Topshop, but I just couldn't find them in store to try on :( <3


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