1 April 2012

Triple Review - Beauty Blender/Estee Lauder/Dirty Works

 Hey Everyone,
I am going to be doing a triple review today, but I will try and keep it as short as possible!. I hope you enjoy the review, and I love hearing your thoughts.

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge Review £5.00
I have been thinking about getting the beauty blender, I just didn't really know where to get it from, and I also did have questions about its price. However, I was reading one of my favourite magazines Cosmopolitan, and I managed to find this amazing little dupe. I found great reviews of this sponge on make-up alley, and various other places. For £5.00 I thought it would be worth giving this beauty blender dupe a go, and I'm not regretting the purchase. It has the same shape as the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge, and I think that this sponge is a great alternative and provides a really nice airbrushed "light as air" finish. I think the original beauty blender will always keep its named status in the beauty world, but you can't fault this dupe.
Rate 9/10

Estee Lauder Day-Wear BB Cream Review £32.00
I almost just purchased this product on a whim, I have wanted to own a BB cream for a while now. However, my sisters L'Oreal & Garnier BB creams have not impressed me. I was lucky to find a cheeky sample on http://www.latestinbeauty.com/. I have been surprised with this BB cream so far, but I am quite impressed by it. Firstly, the smell is really lovely.. I feel like it has light watermelon tones to it. I was also surprised by the thick texture of this product. However, once applied the thick texture seemed to vanish into nowhere, and create the ultimate natural appearance. I did notice that it didn't cover up a blemish on my nose very well though. The shade featured in my picture is "light", I would say it's quite a nice toned shade, with perhaps a slight hint of yellow undertone. I'm seriously considering buying this product, as it has a lovely fresh spring smell, with decent coverage and finally a nice lasting finish. 
Rating 8/10

(100% No other make-up apart from Estee Lauder BB Cream)

Dirty Works Facial Wipes Review £2.00
Firstly, I'm loving Dirty Works at the moment. I'm a huge fan of Sainsbury's and they stock this brand in my local Sainsbury's which is great. It's price point is fantastic, and the packaging is so cute and it makes me feel happy looking at these face wipes (haha). I was however expecting more of a sweetie fragrance, I'm quite a fan of smells in cosmetic products, I'm lucky I don't have sensitive skin.. so fragrance has no real impact on me at all. They have a normal face wipe fragrance, but they do a nice job of taking off make-up. I must admit my favourite face wipes ever, are from Waitrose "Own" range.
Rating 6/10

Anyway dolls, I have some rather non exciting degree work to be doing now. I hope you have enjoyed this post!.



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  1. I love the beauty blender. I get such a flawless finish from it. Much nicer than any brush I've used! And I love how easy it is to get into the awkward parts like the sides of your nose and around your eyes.


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