1 May 2012

20th Birthday Post ! - Waiting for my IPhone!

Hey Everyone!
It's my 20th Birthday today, and the weather is terrible in Wales. However, I'm still very happy and excited about going away to Monaco this weekend for my birthday. I had a really cute cake, and some really lovely cards. I was also pretty lucky this birthday, and I'm generally super excited haha!. I was lucky to get money and a Gold and leather Versace watch from my parents, I am also waiting for my new IPhone to turn up!. My birthday present off my boyfriend is my weekend in Monaco this coming weekend (SO excited). I am also planning a special purchase, and its between Louboutins & Sunglasses. However, I might start saving for a Balenciaga bag!.. So I will have to get back to you on that one!

My little table of cards :)

This is actually a "Pink" lip balm, and it's by AVON. OMG it has the most unusual sheen to it ever, and it reminds me of like a petrol Pink, if that makes any sense at all ?

I am at the window waiting for my phone to come, and I'm also packing for Monaco!

I hope your 1st May has been as special as mine :)


  1. Happy 20th Birthday! Hope you have had a great day despite the weather! And hope you have a fab weekend in Monaco!



  2. Happy Birthday (Again) :D Hope You've Had Such An Amazing Day!! Hope You Have The Most Amazing Time Away In Monaco!! Bring Back A Little Sunshine With You <3 Speak Soon!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you too!! Have a fab time in Monaco, wish I was going lol x

  4. Hope you have a fantastic time in Monaco great blog :D


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