11 May 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Chit Chat !

Hey Everyone!
I'm sorry I'm going to be absent from blogger for a week, as I'm flying out to Spain tonight. I'm really excited especially when there is bright sunshine all week. I'm going for a late birthday meal with my parents at this absolutely stunning location, I can't wait to share the pictures already!.
I have been itching to talk about this product, I'm going to be giving more of an initial thoughts kind of review, because I have only been using it a week so far. I will do a follow up review probably in a few weeks, just to let you all know how I'm getting along with this product.

Initial thoughts ?
My first ever Chanel foundation was the Teint innocence compact by Chanel and I loved it, so when Chanel released a compact of my current favourite "Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Liquid Foundation" I was VERY excited to try it. I love the chunky Chanel compact packaging, because it's really sturdy and great for having in your handbag. 

Coverage ?
I would say that this foundation is very adjustable because it's cream texture lends it to different coverages. Firstly, I apply this foundation with a synthetic stippling brush, and it gives a light-medium airbrushed coverage. However, if you use the sponge it will put the foundation on your skin at quite a heavy medium coverage.

Comparison to the liquid Vitalumiere Aqua ?
The obvious difference between these products is the texture. I would say the the liquid version gives a lighter coverage, but at the same time it is build-able. The cream version is basically the same in my eyes, it just gives a higher coverage in my opinion. I still feel like it gives you the same vitalised look as the liquid version, I like both very much. However, I don't think you need both unless you have a healthy budget to spare.

Cons ?
The price! It's almost £40.00, and I'm sure the liquid is around £30-32. I would say that is the main issue in my eyes, and maybe the fact that the liquid could be mixed with a moisturiser. Apart from that I'm actually preferring the compact to the liquid version, and it has better staying power than the liquid in my opinion.



  1. Every time you write a great review on a Chanel Foundation it tempts me even more to go and buy myself one :) Maybe when we meet up in the summer you can finally push me into buying one haha xxxx

    1. Haha :) I love all Chanel foundations! They are getting more expensive! Which is scary haha! Yay can't wait to hopefully see you! Xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Tali
      I'm really liking it, I find it gives a bit more coverage than the liquid. I also find a stippling brush works well, as the sponge it comes with soaks up so much of the foundation ! Xxxx


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