21 May 2012


Hey Everyone,
I wanted to do a little haul post because I have been collecting a few products lately. I'm also loving Instagram at the moment so follow me @indiarobyn :)

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Spray
I haven't had much experience with this product yet but for about £3's I'm willing to give it a few goes. It claims to be an ultra light non greasy leave in spray, which adds loads of shine (as well as de-tangling hair) - I think I'm going to get along with this product after a few uses it does leave my hair more shiny, I don't think it's going to be a miracle worker, but It seems like it might be good for injecting a bit of life into dull hair.

Tesco Cucumber Wipes
I use my Temple Spa products to remove my make-up these days, but I just picked up some cheap wipes to carry around with me. I'm a big fan of cucumber wipes, so I either buy these or the Waitrose version (which are loads better)

Cosmo Beauty Blender
This is a great tool for applying foundation/concealer and other various products. It's a lot cheaper than the usual beauty blender, and can be found Online and at Superdrug. I use it more for bouncing my concealer into my skin.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Welcome to my new best friend!. I am really liking how this brush is applying my Chanel compact foundation, it gives a really nice flawless look and gives great coverage. It does apply a little thicker than my beauty blender, but it gives such a natural finish.

YSL Touche Eclat #2
This should be named as the #1 beauty product, it has won so many awards and it deserves everyone of them. It's such a nice concealer/highlighter, and it's totally glamorous with it's sleek packaging. It can be used for so many different things, and I would say it's worth the £25.00 splurge. 

Chanel Glossimer Calypso 
WOW, this product is just as amazing as it looks in the tube. I never even planned on buying this, but I'm so glad I decided to go for the splurge. It's not as bright as in the tube, but maybe that's a good thing! - It stays on for ages, and I'm loving it so far.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Evasion
I'm going to keep hush about this, as I'm posting a review for it this week. However, I will say it's my number 1 lip product EVER!.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant
I was just casually looking for a deodorant, and I seen loads of hype about mineral deodorants.. I must admit I wasn't sure what it was all about at first. I still don't really get it but I think it just means that it is less abrasive on your skin. I do quite like it, and as long as it does the job I'm happy!.

Jewel Lip Fix
This is a product from my own line Jewel and it neutralizes your lip colour to make the most of your other lip products, it's moisturising and generally a great product. It's not ready for sale, but I will let you know as soon as it is. 

Blazer - Primark
Top - Primark
Scarf - FF
Jeans - New Look
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Jewellery - Tiffany & Versace

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