24 May 2012

Lifestyle Post - Health & Diet

Hello Lovelies, 
If you are from the UK, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I was going to do a review on a beauty product, but the lighting is going down a little in my house, so I will leave that for now!. I wanted to move onto a new sensation and that is the brand "Neuro", and Kim Kardashian loves the stuff!.

NeuroSonic Energy & Health Drink Photograph

I actually brought it a few months ago purely for the packaging. However, it actually does taste pretty nice and there are loads of different drinks. Cosmopolitan magazine also raves about this drink, and how it's helped people to loose weight. I don't really want to loose weight, but if it helps me curb my feasting, then that will do me just fine!.

Have you tried this stuff ? - I'm currently drinking "Neuro Trim" as I'm typing.


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