30 June 2012

Shopping - Hollister/Chanel/Benefit

Hey Everyone!
So today I went shopping and I thought I would do a quick blog post to show you what I purchased. I purchased some Hollister Jeggings (£50.00) which have been a nightmare in terms of sizing. I purchased size 1R (slightly snug fit) although it's probably a better fit that the 3R which looks quite baggy on my legs. So basically I'm a 2R in Hollister but they don't sell that size haha. 

I also did some beauty re-purchasing today of my Benefit "They're Real" Mascara (£18.50) and also a refill for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation which was £29.00  just in case any of you were curious about the price for the refills.

I also decided to switch bags today because last time I went shopping I over packed my Louis Vuitton, and my arms were almost dropping off by the end of the day. This bag was a lot easier to carry for shopping because of its fairly comfortable shoulder straps.

Mini Reviews

I thought I would tell you all the reasons why I decided to re-purchase and also attach a mini review which might be useful to some of you. Firstly the Benefit mascara is my new HG, and I just had to re purchase it. Secondly, I am almost out of my first Chanel VA Compact so I needed to refill it :).

Benefit "They're Real - If you are looking for a mascara that increases length,volume and curl with long wearing results then this is the mascara for you. It's not advertised as being waterproof but it sure seems like it, as I'm able to wear it swimming without it really moving. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation - I adore this foundation but my initial warning is that it only has a 3 month usage life compared to the fluid version which I can get almost 5/6 months out of. However, this version is lovely and great for touching up, and its the same water based formulae as the original. It does provide slightly more coverage than the liquid version which is nice because it still looks natural, but just offers a little more coverage (which sometimes a girl needs).

Love India xxx

24 June 2012

Recent Purchases - June 2012

Hey Lovelies
Its Sunday today (The official day of rest) - I have been to my local town with my boyfriend to get a curry from the supermarket to watch the Euro's football with tonight.. come on England!. I have also been to play adventure golf with my boyfriend and his step-dad at the Ryder cup resort in Wales. It was so much fun, and I was surprisingly good at it haha.

So today I am going to be posting about products I have acquired recently ( I think I have included them all in this picture). Some of these products have been mentioned/reviewed, and some of them are still waiting to be reviewed. I am going to have to put myself on a bit of a "beauty ban" for now as I have to think about my business, and I also want to start saving for a new handbag purchase!. 


Best Purchases : Chanel bronzing base/MAC Shy Girl/Rouge Coco shine#48
Worst purchase: Nothing!
What would I advise : YSL Touche Eclat !
Newest Purchase : MAC Cremeblend "Something Special"
Most Expensive : Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact
Most Inexpensive : George ASDA Brown Kohl pen  (It's so creamy and amazing)
Total Spend : £285.00 

I am yet to review some of these products, so keep checking back this week when hopefully I will start posting some of the reviews. If you have any questions about the above, then make sure you message me below!

Love India xxx

22 June 2012

OOTD & Health Post

Hey Everyone!
Well.. I don't know where to start ? It's late June in the UK and as I'm typing It's cloudy/raining with 50mph winds. I thought I would chuck in an OOTD post just to show you how extreme the weather is for June. I was going to do a review on some new make up products, but I just don't have the motivation. I'm currently in joggers and a hoodie with no enthusiasm for talking about summery beauty products BOO!!.


Long sleeved top - Hollister
Riding trousers - River Island
Scarf - F&F
Boots - F&F
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy

Stay Healthy & Positive
If you love my blog for its beauty content, I hope you don't mind me having a day off today haha!.
 Today is the start of  my new health kick and positive thinking. With my anxiety its sometimes hard to put things into the order that they need to be in. I have my dreams and aspirations, and I must keep myself on track. To start me off I have decided to make some delicious healthy smoothies for breakfast, as I never eat a single thing for breakfast. Missing breakfast probably causes me more problems than I realise, because I never have the energy to get me going for the day. Below is my breakfast smoothie, which is really yummy and did fill me up until lunch time. 

1/2 glass of Oats
1/2 glass of Orange Juice
6 pieces of frozen fruit 
4 Spoons of Natural fat free yoghurt  

This is a very healthy breakfast smoothie containing Vitamin C, Protein, Fibre and around 230 cals to keep your hunger satisfied until lunch. 

Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post, and I promise I will be back soon with some really great beauty reviews!.
Love India xxx

19 June 2012


Hey Everyone!
Wow I can barely keep my eyes open, I am extremely tired after a lovely day shopping with my sister and beautiful niece "Honey Beatrice". I didn't buy that much, and actually I have to take back my main purchase... so I'm just a little annoyed by that haha. 

We had a lovely TGI Friday's meal, and had a general walk about. I tried some clothes on, but I wasn't feeling a lot of stuff in the shops today. It was nice just to have a walk around the shopping mall and take it all in, we went to a fine art shop and also to look at some diamond rings and they were (Yummy). 


I feel like my face looks kind of weird on here haha! - But this what I wore out shopping today :)
Primark Blazer & Vest, New look Skirt & Louis Vuitton Speedy.


My lovely niece at TGI'S - It was her first ever time out for lunch!


Hollister "Skinny Jeans" £50.00 but I wanted "Super Skinny" :( - I also purchased a Mac Cremeblend Blush in the shade "Something Special" which is a really popular choice from the reviews I read. It was £17.50 for 5.6g of product

I have been searching for a "light peach" and this is pretty much the kind of shade I was looking for. I tried it on first at MAC, and just loved it. I know it will go great with my MAC "Shy Girl" lipstick. I can't wait to talk more about this product!.

Anyway, I am going to chill now (so sleepy)!
Hope you are all well <3

Love India xxx


18 June 2012

Chanel Sable Emouvant Review

Hey Lovelies,
I'm going to be reviewing my new Chanel Sable Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo. I am really enjoying this duo at the moment, and I have been using it everyday for over a week now. I hope you enjoy this review, and if you have any comments/questions then please message me below.


Chanel packaging just defines luxury and class. I love how simple but effective Chanel packaging is, and it really does add to the quality and experience of using Chanel. The duo is very neatly packaged, and comes with two brushes (not great quality) but good enough to touch up.


Sable Emouvant has two shades that are a match made in heaven. You can create a day/night eye with one tiny little palette. The lighter shade has a warm champagne tone, and the darker shade is again a warm Dark Chocolate. Overall, I feel like the combination of the duo is very elegant and flattering. I actually created the best "smokey eye" for a night out, that I have ever done by using this duo.


The application of this product is very nice, the powder is smooth and pretty well pigmented for a Chanel duo. I also like how the colour stays throughout the day without a primer, it relaxes and merges into a warm pretty tone.

What I Love ?
I love the elegance of this duo, I also find it simple but effective to use. Chanel products can be customised in terms of the coverage, and this is very good for people like myself who like to wear different variations of make-up. I feel that the tones in this duo would perfectly match many skin tones, and the warmth is very flattering in general. I have worn this shadow for over a week now, and I have barley reached for anything else (Apart from "Virgin" UD). I'm really enjoying this duo, and the pigment is very much improved.

What I don't love ?
Okay, I have to mention a few things here. Firstly, for an extra £6.00 you could own an Urban Decay NAKED palette with 12 generous sized shadows. The price of this palette seems a little pricey for just two shadows(£30.00), and I feel that their are many Brands like MUA & UD that have better value for money options. My final issue with this product is this video, please watch it and read the below bar. Even though I adore this duo, I have to be honest with you all and give you the sources to make up your own minds about this duo.

Jewel Rating 8/10 ¨       

 Love India xxx


17 June 2012

Benefit "That Gal" & "POREfessional"

Hey Everyone,
It's fathers day today :) *yay* I love my dad so much he is truly an inspiration!. I hope you all enjoy fathers day, and get to spend quality time with the people you love.
I hope you are all doing well, and would like to say thank you to any new followers. I would consider myself as an interactive blogger, so I will always help my followers out if needed. 

Moving on to my new/old love "That Gal" Brightening face primer by Benefit. I don't know why but even though I love Benefit, I very rarely repurchase their products. I first tried "That Gal" out in the "Confessions of a Concealaholic kit". I can't recommend this produce enough, it contains some amazing products including "That Gal".


"That Gal"
"Brightening Face Primer" - I agree with Benefit's statement, it's very brightening, but in a nice awakening kind of way, its definitely not sparkly or unnatural. I think it does create a nice base for your foundation, I also really like it for adding a bit of life to my make-up mid day. It has a pearly pink consistency, and smells really lovely. I'm so glad that I have fallen back in love with this product!, Its not cheap but I would say it can double up as a Primer/Highlighter.

I'm a newbie when it comes to POREfessional, but I can't get over how smooth it leaves my complexion feeling, it's a lovely product to use alongside "That Gal". This product is also oil free, so that's a really great bonus for anyone who requires an oil free primer. I do feel that it helps to keep my foundation on better, and it does make the application process a lot nicer. I'm going to use my samples first, and have a play around with using it before I do a full review.


I really love using POREfessional first, and then applying That Gal. It creates a flawless/dewy base which is lovely for keeping you skin refreshed looking.
Natural Makeup - POREfessional, That Gal, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel Emouvant Duo, Chanel Intimitable Mascara, YSL Touche Eclat #2, Chanel Bronzing Base, Chanel Blush Horizon & MAC Shy Girl.

Love India XxX

14 June 2012

SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base & MAC Shy girl Lipstick

Hey Lovelies,
This post is to celebrate my last beauty purchase for this month, the reason I say "Celebrate" is because I have been like an obsessed weirdo this month(haha). I think that being so stressed with my degree and other things in my personal life, has just made me want to treat myself haha!. Waiting for a beauty order seems to take forever and a day, because I get so excited about trying the new products out. I don't know either of these products well enough to review them, so this is more of an introductory post haha.I will do a follow up post as soon as I feel that I can give you an honest review.

MAC Lipstick Shy Girl
Woohoo! my first MAC lipstick, and I love it. The colour Shy Girl actually sums up my general favourite kind of lip colour for Spring and Summer. It's a creamy neutral Coral/Beige which is such a perfect colour for everything, and I'm going to really enjoy using it. I know it's one of MAC's top sellers, and I'm quite excited about experimenting with this shade, and a few others hopefully ;)

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Base
This has to be the most intimidating Chanel product I have ever owned. It's a large pot with a really dark creamy formulae, and it looks pretty scary haha. I'm used to Chanel products being natural, and giving a "barley there" kind of appearance. However, I dipped my stippling brush in to this product and tried to contour. I actually ended up with a very large scary brown line, however luckily this product blended out absolutely beautifully. I can't detect any real Orange undertones in this bronzer (on my skin at least), but I will need to use it a few times first to get used to it. One thing for sure is that it has really made my eyes pop, and it goes really well with my new MAC Shy Girl lipstick.

Speak to you all soon!
Love India xxx

Jewel By India R Update
I am currently doing a lot of marketing for Jewel, and I'm currently trying to negotiate a deal with a large beauty company. I will be starting to add new products to the website at the end of June, as I have been very busy with my personal life, as well as trying to get my business more well known. I hope you will all support me by visiting the following links.

13 June 2012

Benefit Mascara War - They're Real VS Bad Gal Lash

Hey Everyone,
I must admit this wasn't actually a war between two great mascara's for me, as I was able to determine a favourite within 2 days. I have used one full sized tube of "They're Real" before, and I have been experimenting with Bad Gal for a few days now.

[I'm sorry I haven't attached any pictures of me wearing the mascara's, but I have to rush out soon]

They're Real
This mascara has recently reached HG status for me. I actually purchased my former HG, but still wanted to use my "They're Real". This told me that I had found a new favourite mascara, and I can honestly admit that this product is worth the hype. I'm sure you all know that it does a million things in one, and that the results are fabulous for most people. So, this meant that "Bad Gal" had a bit of a challenge to even begin to impress me as much as "They're Real".

Bad Gal Lash
I know how much some people love this mascara, and how some people aren't so fussed. When I first applied this mascara, I actually really liked it. I wasn't so fussed on the big bushy brush, but the results were very nice. It separated and gave my lashes a good amount of volume, which is a good result from any mascara. However, after a few days of use I found that this mascara spent more time under my eye than on it. I don't know why, but it just wont stay on my eyelashes. It smudges below my lower lash line, making me look really tired. I have never used a mascara High/Low end that has actually done this. It reminds me of a bad Kohl pen kind of effect. I still really do like the initial effect of this mascara, but I can't consider it a match for "They're Real". 

And the winner is .....

Benefit "They're Real"  

( Purchase this mascara if you want a product that can multi-task and create beautiful separated doll like lashes)

Love India xxx

12 June 2012

FOTD 12/06/12

Hey Everyone!
Its my second post of the day today, and I'm trying to get a few done this morning, as I'm starting my marketing module this afternoon. I thought I would do a Face Of The Day picture for you all today. I love seeing what make-up other people are wearing at the moment, so hopefully this might be a helpful post to some of you. I actually look quite scary on these photo's, but I don't really know why though ?

My boyfriend said the MOST funny thing to me the other day. He was like well you spend so much money on make-up to create "Natural Looks" why don't you just not wear make-up at all. I actually had to think about it, and it made me laugh because its true. However, I enjoy the ritual, and the beauty products in general, so his little mission to make me buy less hasn't worked haha. 

[ This is my natural hair! - I got asked 3 times this weekend "Where I got my extensions from" haha =]

Products Used
Benefit Porefessional Primer,Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation #30,ELF Eyelid Primer,Chanel Eyeshadow Duo Sable Emouvant,George ASDA Brown Eyeliner,Benefit Bad Gal Mascara,YSL Touche Eclat #2,George ASDA White Liner,Chanel Bronzer #Sable Beige, Chanel Blush Horizon, Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #70 Sourire 

India xxx

Current Top 5 Beauty Products !

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well! - I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so I thought it would a good idea to share my top 5 current favourites, as well as a few opinions on why I love them!. It has taken quite a lot for me to decide on ONLY 5 products, I have tried to decide on products that I genuinely grab for the most, and products which have recently impressed me. I'm sorry about the Chanel Blusher looking a bit dirty, but honestly if you use it then you would know how much fall out it has per use!. 
Clearasil Rapid Action Pads
The main reason I love these is because I can actually feel them working. The Salicylic acid is fairly strong (which may not be good for everyone) However, my skin can take the daily use (which is recommended) - I have heard raving reviews about these, and I have to say I have used them religiously since I purchased them. I like to use them as a prevention for any bad skin problems. 

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel 2012 Sable Beige
It was such a tough decision choosing between the two variations, the thing that swayed was when I seen them in person but did not buy, and I instantly loved the Beige variation. However, it started to seem that the Rose was more suited to my fair skin tone. I finally decided on this bronzer, and it gives me the most wonderful glowing complexion, and it adds a real subtle contour. It's just fabulous and has become a favourite within days. 

Benefit Porefessional 
I stopped using primer about a year ago thinking it was a waste of money. However, recently I acquired a few samples of Benefit Porefessional ( I love the brand anyway) but I have been so impressed, by the way it has made my make-up last, as well as creating a really silky smooth base. It was an instant winner for me, and I can't wait to use this product some more.

Chanel Blush Horizon 
If you have been following my blog for a while you would probably have seen me umming and ahhhing about this product. It was almost £50.00's and I was stunned by my lack of connection with it, I didn't really rush to get it or anything like that. However, I'm now officially in LOVE with this blusher. It has Peach and Pink variations, which make it a really good staple blush. However, the price tag is steep, and I can't honestly say it's 100% worth it. This doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend it because I would, I just want to give you all the most honest opinion that I can.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion
I am the biggest addict for these lipsticks, and I can honestly say that they are fabulous. Once again they are very expensive, and don't have long wearing time (keep that in mind). However, #48 is like the most perfect Nude/Peach almost there kind of looking lipstick ever. They are so easy to apply, you could probably do it with your eyes closed. If I could recommend one high end product it would always be a lip product, either from Chanel of YSL.

Well that was a very hard post, I had to really think about that haha!!. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I would love to hear off you all! <3

Love India xxx

10 June 2012

My favourite products for "Troublesome Skin" & Benefit Cosmetics !

Hey Everyone!
So I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of Glamour magazines amazing offer at the moment. Each issue has a half sized Benefit product for £2. I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and now I have purchased 4 magazines (x2 POREfessional x2 Bad Gal Mascara). I would seriously recommend you checking this offer out, I have always been a fan of Benefit, and I currently use about 5 of their products. I haven't picked up "That Gal" because I have already used it, and loved it. It has also saved a whopping £45.00 off my next beauty purchase!. 

My top products for troublesome skin
I am lucky enough not to suffer with bad skin problems. However, I still do get spots now and then so I wanted to just share with you some products that I love for keeping my skin as clear as possible.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads
These are AMAZING. I have seen them on so many beauty blogs, and many people rave about them. They contain a high dose of salicylic acid, which is quite potent. They can be used morning and night, and they can be used for prevention & cure. I think they are about £4/5 and can be found in the Drugstore or supermarket.

Neutrogena make some really good products for troublesome skin, and this is my favourite. The Pink Grapefruit wash is really easy to use, and it does help clear my skin up when I have rare breakouts. I do believe that this again is around £4/5.

My boyfriend LOVES this range, and he feels like it does a really good job. I think when buying skincare products, you have to realise that nothing is instant. Your skin really does need time to adjust to new products, but this range does do a nice job of clearing the skin. 

This Tinted Moisturiser by WITCH contains anti blemish ingredients. It has medium coverage, and does blend really nicely into the skin. I will wear this when I feel like my skin needs to breathe and also If I'm worried about a looming breakout. This is also around £4's in the drug store and supermarket, so it's a great price.

This is another product from WITCH, and I like this because it's really cooling an irritated spot. It does reduce redness overnight, and generally for about £2/3 I think it's a great buy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions let me know below. I honestly love getting comments, and it makes me smile :)

India xxx

8 June 2012

Today's FOTD & General Beauty Talk!

Hey Everyone,
I just felt like doing a random post for you all. I have some good reviews coming up soon, but I want to save them for a little while. Today's make-up was just a really subtle glow, I used my new Chanel bronzer all over my face, and I feel like it gave me a nice healthy look. I also used my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #48 Evasion, which is my HG lip product. I have a birthday party tomorrow night, so I need to get the Xen-Tan out for sure. I will list below all the products used, and if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them below.

Products used
Benefit Porefessional, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact #30, Chanel Sable Emouvant Duo, Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, YSL Touche Eclat #2, Chanel Summer 2012 Bronzer #Sable Beige, Chanel Blush Horizon, Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion.


I will admit now that I have a problem with buying Makeup. The most funny part about me and my obsession, is that I don't even pile make-up on. I love to keep it as natural as possible, and the routine does help me with my anxiety... but this is just getting to much haha. I haven't placed this order yet, as I'm going to wait a little while before I treat myself. I have spent way to much on make-up since May, so I will just keep this as a little reminder of the things I want. 

I feel like the Chanel Bronzing Make-up Base is a product that is loved by so many. I am really getting into bronzer's at the moment, and after debating over Dior/Guerlain/Chanel I think this has won.

Moving on to POREfessional, I have been using a sample and I love it. I'm really happy with it as a primer, and I can't wait to buy the full size version.

I'm in love with They're Real, If you haven't used it ... its deffo worth the hype!. I have an incline that I'm running out, so this is a must!.

Finally, This MAC lipstick is one of their best sellers. I have seen loads of people use it on tutorials for "Made In Chelsea" looks, and that pretty much sold it to me. 

I'm now going to leave, and try and deal with my beauty obsession haha!
Lots of love
India XxX

7 June 2012

My Everyday Makeup Storage!!

Hey Lovelies!
I have to admit even though I label myself as a beauty addict, I haven't been best organised with my beauty products in the past. I usually keep them in travel bags, and also in a box which doesn't really display them. I wanted to get some storage, so I ordered this Makeup storage from Bliss £30.00(inc postage). I LOVE it so much, it's the perfect size for my most used everyday make-up. I am going to have to organise my other products though, as sadly it nowhere near fits my entire collection. 



Taa dahh! - On the left hand side, I have my new Chanel Sable Beige Bronzer, Erase Paste, Dr Harnik concealer and my Temple Spa nail polish. In the draw below I have my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua compact and liquid foundations. 

In the middle section I have my most used brushes by MAC,Avon & Real Techniques. I then have my NAKED palette, and behind that I have my beauty blender, Witch tinted moisturiser and my Collection 2000 Loose powder. Finally, I have my most used lip products which are mainly Chanel,YSL,Revlon & Estee Lauder. 

In the right hand side, I have my Chanel & Benefit mascara's at the back. I also have my YSL Touche Eclat, and my Collection 2000 highlighter at the back. I then have my Chanel, Dior and Estee Lauder Bronzer's and blushers. In the final compartment at the front I have my NARS Deep Throat Blush, Chanel Blush Horizon, and my new Chanel eye-shadow duo. Oh yeah, and I also have a cheeky Chanel lip gloss, which didn't have a space!.

I am so happy with this storage, at first I thought £30 was expensive but it's well worth it. I would say it's the perfect size for your most used products, however it might not be big enough if you are a big collector like myself. 

India xxx

6 June 2012

Chanel Sable Beige & Chanel Sable Emouvant

Hello Lovelies!
I have waited the whole bank holiday weekend to receive my goodies, and it has been killing me haha. I'm spending so much on make-up at the moment, and I think that soon I will need to take a month off. I also just purchased this large cosmetic organiser by Bliss for £30.00
Glam Large Cosmetics Organiser With Drawer
I will do a post when I have organised my most used make-up using my new storage!.

Okay, so now I'm going to obsess over my Chanel order from Debenhams. I did a post before this talking briefly about the Dior and Chanel collections, so make sure you check that out. I purchased the Limited Edition bronzer in Sable Beige from Chanel £34.00, and I also purchased the eye duo in Sable Emouvant £30.00.

I probably wont be using these products until tomorrow, so I will do a follow up post with swatches for you all :) -

This is a live opening, I'm so excited! <3

So here they are!

I'm literally so excited, they came in the gorgeous pouches as well!. I'm really happy with both items, and I can't wait to start trying them out.

India xxx


Collection Summertime De Chanel 2012 - My thoughts!

So, Its the time of year when make-up collections are newly out and simply EVERYONE is talking about them. I thought I would write a post about why I think Chanel has won again, not many people agree though. It seems that Dior has stolen the show this year, but I'm holding out and awarding Chanel the best collection award!. 

Looking at both campaigns, I have to say that without a doubt my vote goes to Chanel. I think the Makeup for the Chanel campaign is beautiful. It seems that Dior has injected more colour into their collection which is very nice, but personally the only place I can use colour on my face is my lips and cheeks. I do think the Dior collection is very beautiful, but in terms of make up I would actually wear everyday, then it would have to go to Chanel again. 

The one thing I love about the Dior collection is the Bronzers, they look amazing. However, I have seen them look quite orange toned on some people.. so I'm thinking they might not be for me. I have also heard many people say that the Chanel bronzer is to similar to last years. However, I feel that in terms of looks they have similarities, but this years bronzer's have seven stripes. I'm currently awaiting two Chanel goodies in the post, and no doubt I will have a follow up post this afternoon!

Let me know what you think ?

5 June 2012

Rediscovered Product - Temple Spa "Skin Truffle"

Hey Everyone,
Oh my god! I can't even tell you how stressed I have been with uni work this week. I'm so glad to finally have a week off, and hopefully I will get a good grade in my final project. The weather has turned from bad to worse in the UK, but the Diamond Jubilee has given us all a nice time for celebrations.
Anyway, I have rediscovered a product and I just wanted to share it again. Sometimes its easy to forget about a product when you are a beauty blogger/addict, but I'm so glad I have started reusing this product.


I stopped using this cream because I wanted to try others, and I actually thought it was a little rich for everyday use. Anyway, I started using this again about 3 days ago... and I'm actually shocked by the results!!. I was waking up thinking god my skin looks so healthy and glowing. It took me a few moments to realise, but it wasn't long before I did realise that it was "Skin Truffle" working it's magic.

With the main ingredients being Diamonds, Gold and Chocolate truffles, this is obviously a very special face cream. The price is £80.00 and yes it's expensive, but Chanel's version of this cream is £250+ and it uses Chemicals. Temple Spa's whole range is kind to skin, and uses mainly botanical ingredients, as well as being paraben free.

I noticed that within 3 days my skin was noticeably radiant and toned!

I don't work for the company, but seriously check out their website via the link above!


3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!

Hello Everyone,
This weekend I'm staying at my boyfriends house. His parents are away, so we decided to have our own little Jubilee celebration!. I'm sure pretty much everyone in the world knows that it's our Queens Diamond Jubilee, serving 60years on the throne. It is such a special time for our country, and everyone is enjoying the holidays that come with this celebration. Me and my boyfriend baked lemon cakes, and we got in some classic party food, sausages, chicken, crisps, and salad. I hope you are all having a fabulous time wherever you are in the world.

Glitter "Diamond Berry" J20's for Diamond Jubilee, SO amazing :) <3

Love India.R

1 June 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag ? - New website

Hey Everyone,
I have designed a fun new beauty website called "What's in my Makeup bag". It's a place where you can discover what beauty products other people are using, as well as having a blog and forum. Upload your pictures/description, and they will be featured within 24 hours. 

I hope you will check it out and upload some pictures for me to publish!

(Domains are currently being transferred) 

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