13 June 2012

Benefit Mascara War - They're Real VS Bad Gal Lash

Hey Everyone,
I must admit this wasn't actually a war between two great mascara's for me, as I was able to determine a favourite within 2 days. I have used one full sized tube of "They're Real" before, and I have been experimenting with Bad Gal for a few days now.

[I'm sorry I haven't attached any pictures of me wearing the mascara's, but I have to rush out soon]

They're Real
This mascara has recently reached HG status for me. I actually purchased my former HG, but still wanted to use my "They're Real". This told me that I had found a new favourite mascara, and I can honestly admit that this product is worth the hype. I'm sure you all know that it does a million things in one, and that the results are fabulous for most people. So, this meant that "Bad Gal" had a bit of a challenge to even begin to impress me as much as "They're Real".

Bad Gal Lash
I know how much some people love this mascara, and how some people aren't so fussed. When I first applied this mascara, I actually really liked it. I wasn't so fussed on the big bushy brush, but the results were very nice. It separated and gave my lashes a good amount of volume, which is a good result from any mascara. However, after a few days of use I found that this mascara spent more time under my eye than on it. I don't know why, but it just wont stay on my eyelashes. It smudges below my lower lash line, making me look really tired. I have never used a mascara High/Low end that has actually done this. It reminds me of a bad Kohl pen kind of effect. I still really do like the initial effect of this mascara, but I can't consider it a match for "They're Real". 

And the winner is .....

Benefit "They're Real"  

( Purchase this mascara if you want a product that can multi-task and create beautiful separated doll like lashes)

Love India xxx


  1. Hi,nice blog.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).


    Happy blogging.

  2. What a fab review!

    I got the bad gal lash mascara with this months instyle mag as a freebie and didn't think much of it.

    Looks like I'll have to invest in 'They're Real'!

    Great blog. I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)

    Laura xx


    1. Hi Laura!
      I'm glad to have you as part of my blog now, I will also check your blog out. I would definitely recommend They're Real, I don't think Bad Gal is that good at all.


  3. hi india-robyn i hav tried these both and i agree "Their real" is amazing you should try "Mesmer-eyes" by napoleon predis it is my all time fave and makes you're eyelashes look false :)
    love you're blog!

  4. Thank you for this great comparison! I've been debating the 2. I love my Buxom mascara, and it has a similar brush to They're Real, so that's what sold me! :)

    Beauty & the Bibliophile

  5. I use They're real for nights out as it really is amazing isnt it. Never used the other, but I'll stick now :)


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