6 June 2012

Collection Summertime De Chanel 2012 - My thoughts!

So, Its the time of year when make-up collections are newly out and simply EVERYONE is talking about them. I thought I would write a post about why I think Chanel has won again, not many people agree though. It seems that Dior has stolen the show this year, but I'm holding out and awarding Chanel the best collection award!. 

Looking at both campaigns, I have to say that without a doubt my vote goes to Chanel. I think the Makeup for the Chanel campaign is beautiful. It seems that Dior has injected more colour into their collection which is very nice, but personally the only place I can use colour on my face is my lips and cheeks. I do think the Dior collection is very beautiful, but in terms of make up I would actually wear everyday, then it would have to go to Chanel again. 

The one thing I love about the Dior collection is the Bronzers, they look amazing. However, I have seen them look quite orange toned on some people.. so I'm thinking they might not be for me. I have also heard many people say that the Chanel bronzer is to similar to last years. However, I feel that in terms of looks they have similarities, but this years bronzer's have seven stripes. I'm currently awaiting two Chanel goodies in the post, and no doubt I will have a follow up post this afternoon!

Let me know what you think ?

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