5 June 2012

Rediscovered Product - Temple Spa "Skin Truffle"

Hey Everyone,
Oh my god! I can't even tell you how stressed I have been with uni work this week. I'm so glad to finally have a week off, and hopefully I will get a good grade in my final project. The weather has turned from bad to worse in the UK, but the Diamond Jubilee has given us all a nice time for celebrations.
Anyway, I have rediscovered a product and I just wanted to share it again. Sometimes its easy to forget about a product when you are a beauty blogger/addict, but I'm so glad I have started reusing this product.


I stopped using this cream because I wanted to try others, and I actually thought it was a little rich for everyday use. Anyway, I started using this again about 3 days ago... and I'm actually shocked by the results!!. I was waking up thinking god my skin looks so healthy and glowing. It took me a few moments to realise, but it wasn't long before I did realise that it was "Skin Truffle" working it's magic.

With the main ingredients being Diamonds, Gold and Chocolate truffles, this is obviously a very special face cream. The price is £80.00 and yes it's expensive, but Chanel's version of this cream is £250+ and it uses Chemicals. Temple Spa's whole range is kind to skin, and uses mainly botanical ingredients, as well as being paraben free.

I noticed that within 3 days my skin was noticeably radiant and toned!

I don't work for the company, but seriously check out their website via the link above!


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