30 June 2012

Shopping - Hollister/Chanel/Benefit

Hey Everyone!
So today I went shopping and I thought I would do a quick blog post to show you what I purchased. I purchased some Hollister Jeggings (£50.00) which have been a nightmare in terms of sizing. I purchased size 1R (slightly snug fit) although it's probably a better fit that the 3R which looks quite baggy on my legs. So basically I'm a 2R in Hollister but they don't sell that size haha. 

I also did some beauty re-purchasing today of my Benefit "They're Real" Mascara (£18.50) and also a refill for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation which was £29.00  just in case any of you were curious about the price for the refills.

I also decided to switch bags today because last time I went shopping I over packed my Louis Vuitton, and my arms were almost dropping off by the end of the day. This bag was a lot easier to carry for shopping because of its fairly comfortable shoulder straps.

Mini Reviews

I thought I would tell you all the reasons why I decided to re-purchase and also attach a mini review which might be useful to some of you. Firstly the Benefit mascara is my new HG, and I just had to re purchase it. Secondly, I am almost out of my first Chanel VA Compact so I needed to refill it :).

Benefit "They're Real - If you are looking for a mascara that increases length,volume and curl with long wearing results then this is the mascara for you. It's not advertised as being waterproof but it sure seems like it, as I'm able to wear it swimming without it really moving. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation - I adore this foundation but my initial warning is that it only has a 3 month usage life compared to the fluid version which I can get almost 5/6 months out of. However, this version is lovely and great for touching up, and its the same water based formulae as the original. It does provide slightly more coverage than the liquid version which is nice because it still looks natural, but just offers a little more coverage (which sometimes a girl needs).

Love India xxx


  1. i loved reading this post :) i'm so desperate to try the benefit mascara, but everytime i run out i just quickly buy another drug store one - the chanel foundation sounds lovely too :)xo

    1. Hey!
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post, I would seriously recommend the Benefit mascara, you can get free delivery with Feel Unique and Debenhams. Also Feel Unique have occasional Benefit sales where the Mascara goes down to around £16.00.

      India x


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