31 July 2012

Fitness Update - July 2012

Hey Everyone!
Tonight I decided to write my fitness post, as I have had quite a healthy day. I have been feeling quite body concious recently, because I'm not happy with my stomach or body toning. I received my new Pink Gym Capri's by Nike, and also my new "Just Do It" top today... so I'm dying to get to the gym now. I also thought I would share my recent tips and tricks, as they may be helpful for some of you wishing to start your own "Health Kick".

I have also been drinking "Green Tea" which doesn't taste nice, but Lucy Mecklenburgh swears by it!! (her figure is insane). If you have any fitness tips and tricks, make sure you leave them below for me to read. 

 My Current Routine
Gym 3x a week - 1 Hour sessions
Absolute Abs Workout - 4x a week - 20 minute sessions

Healthy Foods
Fat Free Yoghurt
Strawberries & Raspberries
Green Tea

- Reinstall motivation by buying yourself some new gym clothes (Whether it be Nike or H&M - who currently have some great fitness clothing)

- Try out some smart phone apps such as "MyNetDiary" & "Absolute Abs" they are both brilliant programmes that help you in a simple, but effective way. 

- Try and put some of the Healthy Food list into your daily diet, as these foods are really great for targeted weight loss.

- Drink Water with a cordial mixer to make it more interesting 

Love India xxx

30 July 2012

July Favourites!

Hey Everyone!
I'm super on time with my July favourites this month, and I hope you enjoy reading this post. I'm feeling rather excited at the moment about a few things which may be happening soon. I will keep you all updated, and I hope you are all doing really well!.

Love India.R


Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray
I have just rediscovered this product after many years of being apart from it. I can't believe I haven't thought of re purchasing this amazing product. It tones, hydrates and sets make-up like no other spray. Its expensive for "water" but well worth a try. I have been loving it during the UK's recent heat wave, and I already need to buy a new one!! (Only because of the seriously hot weather).

NARS "Deep Throat" Blush
I call this my safety blush because I know that its a fabulous match for my skin tone, and can be worn with any look. I always come back to this blusher, when I'm bored of experimenting with bright Pinks & Peaches. I have been loving this blusher in the month of July, and I'm considering giving it HG status!

Chanel 2012 "Sable Beige" Bronzer
This product was featured in my June favourites as well, and it really does deserve to stay in my July favourites. It has to be the most finely milled, and beautifully natural bronzer to grace the earth. It really warms my complexion up, and due to its "peachy" tones can also be used as a blusher. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This brush came within the Real Techniques "Core Collection". I have been really enjoying this brush, especially for cream products, as well as using it with a powder to set my makeup. 

PANTENE Coloured Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
My hair is only slightly highlighted at the moment, but this Shampoo and Conditioner has made my hair so gorgeous and soft. It has really helped to restore shine to my hair, after having dry hair recently. It's not great for my oily scalp, but in terms of how it has restored my hair I am really pleased with it.

NAKED Palette #1
I just love everything about this palette, I honestly can't see me ever loving another eye palette in the same way!. I can't get enough of the shades "Virgin" and "Naked" at the moment. 

Dior Addict Gloss - 664 Rose Bikini
I purchased this Lip Gloss in early July, and I absolutely love it. The colour is so eye catching and beautiful at the same time. I also love the texture, and don't find it sticky at all. I have been wearing it as a pop of colour, and it really has great colour pay off.


OOTD "Unpredictable Weather"

Hey Everyone!
I thought I would do a quick OOTD post for you all, as well as giving it a little theme. Today in the UK the weather is sunny one minute, and cloudy/windy the next! - So that is where the title "Unpredictable Weather" came from haha!. My outfit today consists of some good old essentials, which I usually purchase from Primark. I'm using my everyday handbag which is mostly my Louis Vuitton Speedy, even though I have my eye on another purchase at the moment!. 
Top - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Mint Jeans - ASDA
Boating Shoes - ASOS
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy

Love India xxx

29 July 2012

The Jewel Beauty - "My week in pictures"

Hey Everyone!
I just have a quick Sunday post for you all today. I really like these kind of posts, and I will be doing one every Sunday from now on. If you also like and do these kinds of posts on your blog, then let me know below and I will go and check yours out!

1 - A beautiful Peach Rose which I thought was simply beautiful!
2 - Rediscovered one of my Gucci bag's, and I must start using it again!
3 - Monster BBQ me and my family had last night, it was so tasty!
4 - My boyfriend chilling, and waiting for his food at the BBQ!
5 - This is a real action shot of me just about to stumble over!
6 - My top beauty products for July :)

Love India

27 July 2012

Handbag Review - Lonchamp Legende

Hey Everyone!
Today I am going to be reviewing my Longchamp Legende Handbag. I decided to do this mini review/talk, because its a very gorgeous but niche handbag, and it isn't as well documented as say a Louis Vuitton Speedy, or other various brands and styles. 

The Longchamp Legende retails for £720.00 and can be purchased on the Longchamp Website. Longchamp are mainly famous for their fantastic Le Pliage bags, but I must admit that my Longchamp Legende is absolute cracker!. The leather is so soft and plushy, which I believe to be calfskin. I also love the Bitter chocolate colour, with the Gold hardware. The style is classy, and resembles a "Dr's bag" due to its gorgeous structure. Kate Moss loves this handbag, and there are many pictures of other celebrities carrying this appealing leather handbag.

The inside of the handbag is HUGE, and that is no exaggeration!. I actually call it my Mary Poppins bag, because I can put so much stuff in this handbag. I think this is a perfect luxury spend, if you are looking for a low key designer bag, that is classy and sophisticated. I think this bag would be great for work, as its well structured with a lot of space and pockets. I would also say it would make a great day bag, and it would look fabulous going to lunch, or doing your daily duties. I use this handbag mostly for work purposes, or if I want a really comfortable and classy shoulder bag for the day.

I hope this review has been interesting, as this bag really is "niche" compared to some styles.

Love India xxx

26 July 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation Review B30

Hey Lovelies!
We are still experiencing sunshine in the UK which is really lovely. However, I must admit I have barely slept due to it being so hot and muggy. European heat is so so much nicer, and I can't wait to get to Spain this summer!. Anyway, moving on to this very exciting review of the brand new "Touche Eclat Foundation". I hope you enjoy this review, and I hope to speak to you all again soon! <3

It has taken 20 years to produce this foundation as a follow up to one of the most successful beauty products of all time being the "Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen". This foundation does not feature opaque powders like many other foundations, giving it a natural glowy finish (Just like the Touche Eclat Pen). The foundation instead uses a gel formulae with no masking powders, giving the complexion a natural smoothed appearance.   

Some shades of this foundation are exclusive to Selfridge's, and my shade is one of the "exclusives". I had to take a plunge and guess my shade, but I did a pretty good job as I'm a b30 in Chanel. Please note that B30 in YSL and Chanel are quite different in tone. I would recommend B30 for light-medium toned skin, but I would also recommend B40 as when I tried it in store, it wasn't a huge amount darker than my B30. YSL have a very extensive shade range for this foundation, so try and visit in store if you can. 

What I like about this foundation ?
I really like the different formulae it feels new and exciting, and I like the way it smoothes away perfections instead of covering them up. I am wearing the foundation in the image above, and feel like my skin looks refreshed and smooth. It is somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and foundation which I like, but applying it feels more like a foundation. The smell is gorgeous and has the typical YSL watermelon smell which is beautiful for the summer. The packaging is also beautiful, and something that YSL gets right every single time. The pump works really well, and will allow you to get a full pump and half a pump of the foundation.

What I don't like about this foundation ?
I am a little wary of makeup at the moment, as recently my skin has become a bit oily around my t-zone. I feel that this foundation could slip off someone who had oily/combination skin. It is also not oil free, so this is something that someone with potentially oily/problem skin should think about before purchasing. It lasts for around 6 hours on my skin, and powder does help keep it on for longer. I have had one or two pimples since using this foundation, but it could simply be hormonal spots. Finally, I would not recommend this foundation to someone who suffers with spots, as it will highlight them (as its a brightening foundation).

Love India xxx

23 July 2012

Hey Everyone!
We are having such glorious weather in the UK at the moment, and I hope you are all having lovely weather wherever you are this moment!. I have been loving getting the summer dresses out, and being girly and glam.. ...instead of being in jeans and a coat due to the bad weather!. 

Anyway, I have a double post for you today.. and I hope it will be an enjoyable read for you all. I always enjoy these posts, because I love seeing what other people carry haha!. I have also recently purchased the NEW YSL foundation, and I'm so excited to review that for you all in the coming weeks. Please note that I don't usually take this much makeup around with me, but I have moved to my boyfriends house for a week.

By the way... did you know that YSL is now being re branded as "SL" Saint Laurent ? Personally I don't agree with this, because YSL is so iconic. Let me know what you all think!! <3

[Got to love the I phone for quick pics!]

Handbag Contents
BAG - Chanel PST
Versace Sunglasses
Versace Watch
Garnier Deodorant
Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet
Headache Tablets
Michael Kors Makeup Bag
Chocolate Bar
Halls Sweets
Jubilee Anti Bac Wipes
Chanel Sunglasses
Car Keys 

Makeup Bag Contents
Chanel Sable Beige SS12 Bronzer
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation B30
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #70 Sourire
Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray
Chanel Blush Horizon
NARS Deep Throat Blush
YSL Touche Eclat #2
Dior Summer Addict Gloss #Rose Bikini
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer #3
Benefit They're Real Mascara
MAC Shy Girl Lipstick
Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

Thanks for reading!

Love India XxX


22 July 2012

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation B30 - Review Pending!

Hey Everyone!
I just couldn't wait to show you all my new YSL foundation. It is currently causing a huge stir in the beauty world, as its still very illusive. I have only used this foundation three times, making this post more of a "show and tell". However, I am totally open to anyone who wants to ask any questions about this foundation (Shade B30). I will always reply to questions, so if you do post then make sure you check back for my reply.

Love India xxx


21 July 2012

OOTD - "Shopping"

Hey Everyone!
Finally some signs of sunshine in the UK this weekend, so I took the golden opportunity to go shopping with my boyfriend. I also wanted to do a quick OOTD post for you all, as I really liked what I was wearing today. I hope you are all doing well, and I have an exciting review coming up for you soon!.

Dress & Belt - New look
Shoes - ASOS
Handbag - Chanel
Watch - Versace 

Love India xxx


20 July 2012

Summer 2012 Makeup Video

Hey Everyone!
This is so unlike me to post a video as I am so shy on camera. I did try doing beauty video's but I just didn't feel confident enough. I wanted to show you my current make-up look in real life, and not just writing it down for you all. Like I said I'm so rubbish at video's. 

Products Mentioned
- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation Compact B30
- UD Naked #1 Palette 
- Benefit "They're Real" Mascara
- YSL Touche Eclat #2 
- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer #Medium
- Chanel 2012 Bronzer #Sable Beige
- NARS "Deepthroat" Blush
- Chanel Loose Powder #30
- MAC "Shy Girl" Lipstick
- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion

India xxx

My week in pictures!

Hey Everyone!
I thought I would do a "My week in pictures" post. I have always been interested in them,but never actually thought about doing one myself. 

(Pictures L-R)
Picture 1 - This is a picture I took today in my car, just as I was about to head off to my local supermarket to stock up on some sweets for me and my boyfriend.
Picture 2 - Haha, well I got the sweets!! and I'm already munching on some now. I love "Skittles - Crazy Cores" they taste so so yummy!.
Picture 3 - This week I moved to my boyfriends house for a week whilst his parents are away. I think I named this picture something like "LV's and a leopard case.. classy" haha, well I do like to have a little joke about things!
Picture 4 - Well, after months of no sunshine in the UK... we finally got some. I decided to take a picture of my outside, just in case the sun didn't come back!.
Picture 5 - This is me and my boyfriend at Thorpe Park in London. It was seriously so much fun, and I can't wait to go to Florida with him. 
Picture 6 - I organised my make-up, which you will find in a post below this!

Love India xxx

17 July 2012

Makeup Post

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick post to show you my "most used" makeup storage. I keep the rest of my make-up and beauty products in Plastic Pink draws, which you can probably see on the right hand side of the picture. The products in the picture below are the products I use the most on a day to day basis. I have also started making use of my Jewel brush holder which can be found on my website Jewel for £9.99

Love India R xxx


16 July 2012

The Jewel Beauty - 3 steps to beauty survival

Hey Everyone!
Its so nice to have lovely freshly done makeup, but as we all know as the day takes its toll it doesn't seem to last. I have had to think very carefully about the 3 products I would recommend in my "3 steps to beauty survival". I have come up with three products, that will help save your complexion when it needs some extra loving. I hope you enjoy this post, and I would love to hear your opinions on what your "survival" products are.

Once you have set your face base you usually have at least 5/6 hours lasting time, but that doesn't mean it wont start looking tired within that time period. A good highlighter/concealer can hide a multitude of sins, and reinstall light back onto the face. It can also help with signs of fatigue, which can be caused by daily strains.

The Jewel Beauty Reccomend's
YSL Touche Eclat

Lip product
I would preferably use a lip product with a hint of natural colour and a product with moisturising properties. Your lips can get dry and dull after a few hours, and putting on some new lippy can generally lift your look and mood in an instant. You can also use a lip product as a cheek colour, which means that your lip product is a must in a daily beauty survival routine.

The Jewel Beauty Recommend's
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion

Toning mist/spray  
This is perhaps an unexpected product, but a  lot of people don't realise that dull looking complexions, can be due to dehydration. A toning mist will hydrate and refresh your look, making you feel more awake and ready to continue with your day.

The Jewel Beauty Reccomend's
Temple Spa Toning Essence

Love India xxx

Rave Review "Travel Edition" - Balance Me Skincare

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick post today about this fabulous skincare brand "Balance Me". I have been collecting their "Travel  Sized" samples from the most recent Glamour magazine. Each sample retails for over £10.00 and the magazine is only £2.00, so you get a really great deal for your money.

I officially want to award this brand with the "Best Travel Skincare Brand" - I have been searching for a brand that is natural, and easy to travel with. I love my Temple Spa products, but they are so large.. and I really can't travel with them well. However, Balance me offers a really great natural alternative that is also more cost effective compared to brands like Temple Spa, Elemis and Clarins, whose prices can get up into the £100's. 

The price point for this brand is between £16-25 for full sized products, and between £3-10 for their generous sized samples. They also cater for a range of different skin types, and the smell is just like sherbet mmm!. 

I would seriously recommend taking a look at this brand "Balance Me" because their products are natural, and they are a really good hearted brand, which I can't wait to explore some more!

Love India xxx


13 July 2012

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre #30 Review

Hey Everyone!
Today I am going to be talking about the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in #30. I had never been a powder person previous to this purchase, but a recent change in my skin prompted me to buy this powder. Since I have hit 20, my t-zone has become oily which was never a problem for me before. Having an oily t-zone is not a huge problem, you just have to slightly adjust your skincare and makeup routine.

If you don't already know I use mostly Chanel make-up, so when I heard the fantastic reviews for this product it was a very simple choice for me. I hope you enjoy this review, and if you have any questions make sure you comment below.

This loose powder is describe as being a natural finishing powder for the skin. The powder also features photo silica microspheres, which help to create the sheer matt velvety finish.

The Jewel Beauty Verdict
The difference this powder has made in making my makeup stay put is really impressive. I decided to go with the shade 30 as I wear B30 in Chanel foundations. The powder is not at all noticeable, and blends away into the skin like magic. This is a really great finishing powder, and it has made my everyday makeup look a lot more flawless than it used to. I find the finish is more on the matt side, but at the same time I don't think it takes away all of my skins radiance. It is not stated about its "oily controlling" abilities in the Chanel write up about this product, but I am not the only one to say that it does a very good job in terms of of oil control on the skin. You also get a really generous amount for £34.00, it is still very expensive.. but the deal is better than some of the other high end powders. Finally, I would say that this is only a finishing powder, and I don't feel that it could be used alone as a base.

- Blends away beautifully 
- No powder like finish
- Helps makeup to stay longer
- Makes your makeup look more flawless

- This loose powder can get messy ( I don't advise this form of the powder for travelling )
- Its packaging could be improved

Love India 

12 July 2012

Jewel By India R "Lovely Brush Holder" 20% OFF (UK ONLY)

Hey Everyone!
I am super excited to finally have my Jewel By India R "Lovely Brush Holders" on my website. They are made from great quality acrylic, and they are also hand worked. They retail for £9.99 which is cheaper than many brush holders on the internet, but I am offering my lovely followers a 20% discount checkout below.

Please note that Jewel "Lovely Brush Holders" are made to order so please allow 7-10 days for delivery. They are also hand worked, so not everyone will be perfect!. Please don't share this link, as it is an exclusive for my lovely followers.

If you have any questions please leave them below! <3 This offer is only valid for UK residents.

"Be super organised and store your make-up brushes in style. A great gift, or simply a perfect way to style your vanity."

Love India xxx

9 July 2012

HOTD - "Hair Of The Day"

When I was a little girl I used to be able to sit on my hair, then I had it cut to just above my waist. However, I'm pretty sure its heading back down towards my bum now haha!. I do have a lot of questions asking if my hair is natural, and yes it is real ( I am very lucky ). I would love to see how you style your hair, so leave me a link to check out below! <3

Products used
Kerastase Bain Clarifiant Shampoo
L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil

July Beauty Haul

Hey Everyone!
I haven't posted in about 3 days which seems quite weird, as I usually post everyday!. However, I have decided that my course, and business are in much need of attention. I love blogging so much, that it really does take over me haha!. Don't worry though I will still be blogging every week, maybe just not every single day!.

Anyway, moving onto the exciting stuff ... I have a little haul for you all today. A few days ago I ordered the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in #30, and also the Dior Addict lip gloss in 664. I also stocked up on the very generous "Balance Me" skincare range currently in Glamour magazine. Finally, I always carry a pack of makeup wipes in my bag in case of an emergency, and I find Waitrose do really nice quality ones for just under £2.00.

Essential Waitrose Cleansing Wipes -
These come in three different combinations, and I buy them all. If you live in the UK then you will be able to buy these. They come in at just under £2.00 and they are fairly good quality. I generally keep them in my bag just in case I have some kind of beauty emergency.

Balance Me Balancing Cleanser , Balance Me Balancing Moisturiser & Rose Otto Lip Balm -
These Travel sizes retail around £10.00 each, but I managed to get my hands on them for £2.00 each with this months Glamour magazine. I am yet to try these products, but they are supposed to be really good for normal/combination skin. However, they do have other ranges on their website.. so I will let you know how I get on.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder £34.00 -
After noticing an oily t-zone I got researching my favourite brand to see what their loose powder was like. When I seen all the positive reviews, I just had to purchase it. The price isn't that bad considering you get a lot of product in comparison to the "Laura Mercier" loose powder. I have used it today, and I have to admit I really like how it has made my makeup look.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Summer Mix #664 £21.00 -
This purchase was a total "splurge" but the colour 664 has to be the most amazing Pink I have seen this summer. I hope to get some better pictures for you all, when I do a review on it. I seriously love love this lip gloss, and after wearing it for one day it left the most gorgeous stain on my lips. Thumbs up for Dior!

Love India xxx

6 July 2012

Fantastic Unisex Product for - Combination/Oily skin

Hey Lovelies!!
Recently, I have been noticing more of an oily t zone on my face. I never knew I had a problem with this, as my skin is fairly normal on a day to day basis. I don't really get oily anywhere else, so I suppose that must mean I have normal combination skin. I use the "Temple Spa" skincare range, which may I add is simply incredible (and paraben free). 

Temple Spa - Way to Go Facial Cleanser 150ml £18.00

-  Lightweight refreshing gel formulae
- Non sticky
-  Removes excess oils from skin
- Antiseptic/Antibacterial properties
- Removes make-up
- Paraben free
- Advance pump system (no product waste)

 Vitamin E- Vitamin C- Bergamot- Anise- PomegranateRosemary- Lemon balm- Dates- Plantain



My Verdict
I have always been a fan of gel/foam cleansers as they are easy and generally fuss free. If you have combination/oily skin I would recommend this product, because it  takes excess oil away from your skin. It is very refreshing and suitable for women/men and teenagers. I generally really like this product, and it has left my face really clean, refreshed and seems to have helped with my t-zone.

Love India xxx

5 July 2012

My Summer Look + Giveaway Info!

Hey Lovelies!
Today, I have recreated my favourite summer look for you all. I have never been the most photogenic of people so I hope these pictures don't scare you haha!.


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation B30
Collection 2000 Translucent Loose Powder
Chanel Bronzing Base
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel #Sable Beige
MAC Cremeblend Blush #Something Special

UD Naked 1 #Naked -Lid #Buck-Crease  #Dark Horse-Crease #Virgin-Inner Corner
Benefit "They're Real" Mascara
YSL Touche Eclat #2

MAC "Shy Girl"

Giveaway Info!
I am going to be hosting my first ever giveaway between 150-250 followers. It is going to be a total surprise which means you will have to keep a look out. I have thought of 3 possible prizes, and I want you to message me saying what prize you would like to see as the giveaway prize.

- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #70 Sourire
- L'Oreal Mythic Oil
- Benefit "They're Real" Mascara

Love India xxx

4 July 2012

Products I won't be repurchasing!!

Hey Lovelies!
I always rave about what products I am trying, and more importantly how much I love them. So I thought it was about time I changed it up a bit, and did a post on the products that I didn't think much of. I have tried to include a range of products.


Elf - Complexion Perfection Powder Compact
Elf is a brand that can either make great products or not so great products as you all probably know. I think this was designed to correct different types of colour related problems on the face. I purchased this, but I can't remember if it was from the Studio collection or not, but anyway it was between £1.50-3.50. I have to admit I just don't like it at all, It is really chalky on my skin. I do like the packaging for this compact though, because it actually feels quite sturdy, just a shame that this compact is not much use!.

YSL Golden Gloss
Firstly, this gloss is lovely and the glitter is not chunky or irritating in the slightest... so you might be wondering what my problem is ? - Well I honestly can't stand the smell of it, usually YSL are spot on when it comes to great smelling lip products, but this reminds me of like wet flour or like dough, I know it's a weird comparison.. but it really makes me feel sick. I paid around £20.00 for this lip gloss which is a shame, so I won't be repurchasing this, even though the texture and packaging is great. 

Sleek Pout Polish
I really liked this Pout Polish by Sleek for a while, but it leaves the worst taste in your mouth ever. It's a shame because a lot of people have said the same as me, but these could be great products without the taste issue. I do like the colour selection, and this shade "Pink Cadillac" is really pigmented. However, it just leaves the worst taste in my mouth, meaning I wont be repurchasing one again.

Diorshow 360 Mascara
I can't believe I paid £30.00 for this mascara. I was totally sold by the fact it had a rotating wand, which was supposed to curl and define your lashes like no other. I can officially say that this is the biggest waste of money in my entire history of buying make up. The formulae is thick and clumpy, and within days I was back onto my Chanel Intimitable Mascara. 

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara
I didn't actually purchase this as it was out of a magazine. However, I won't be purchasing at all.. because it doesn't even come close to comparing with Benefit's "They're Real". Firstly, I don't like the brush because its like the size of my eye, and within an hour it had transferred under my eye which is very annoying. It makes me look like a Panda, and I must admit I haven't had that problem since I first started wearing mascara in school. 

These "bad" reviews are my honest opinions and experiences with these products. It does not mean you wont like them, just make sure you do your research and try before you buy!.

Love India xxx


3 July 2012

♥Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Sable Beige♥ - Part 2

Hey Everyone!
Its time for Part 2 of my Chanel bronzer review. I must admit taking pictures of this bronzer has been near impossible, especially since it has been constantly dull and overcast in the UK. I feel like I need a really lovely sunny day to do this review, but it has been dull and cloudy for over a month now. If I do get a chance to get better images then I will re post this review. 

The first image shows the product brand new, and then you can probably tell the rest of the images show this bronzer in a slightly more "loved" state ... haha well I do really love it!!. 

    [Top Left Img = Natural Top Right Img = Flash Bottom Right Img = Natural blended]

What Chanel have to say ?
The powder warms up the complexion in a single step, with an evanescent and silky sensation. Two intensities, dominated by pink or peach, spice up the skin depending on its natural tone: SABLE ROSE for fair complexions and SABLE BEIGE for olive complexions. For a healthy glow and a natural tan, apply all of the shades, blended together with a stroke of the brush.Add highlighting touches with the pale shades.Sculpt the face with the dark shades.

There are two variations of this bronzer which are "Sable Beige" (Above) and "Sable Rose". The reason why I chose this bronzer was because I use the Beige Range of Chanel foundation, not the BR range. I also didn't really want any Pink in my bronzer, as I probably already have to many blushers. However, It is said that "Beige Rose" is suited to lighter skin tones, and Beige Sable is suited to more of a tanned complexion. Anyway, my secret to this bronzer is using my "Chanel Bronzing Base" to create a base for this bronzer. I must admit I absolutely love this bronzer, it creates a real natural bronzed glow, as well as really being a great complexion enhancer. 

- Fantastic if you are into "Natural Bronzing"
- Great for creating a warm glowy tone to your skin, due to the Gold and Peach tones
- Lovely finely milled powder, making it a dream to work with.
- I use the brush provided to shade select the darkest shade for contouring, then I buff the line out with my Real Technique stippling brush, which creates a great natural contoured look.
- I prefer it to the "Rose" variation as I find it to look quite "ruddy" in comparison to the natural bronze shade created by "Sable Beige".

- It is classed as the lighter shade, so if you want a darker bronzer opt for the "Rose" or perhaps look into Dior/Guerlain/NARS/Boujoirs/Benefit who also have great bronzer's.
- Could be to light for darker skin tones, I would say it's probably best suited to Fair/medium tones even though Chanel claims that #Sable Beige is suited to darker complexions.
- It does have some shimmer, which is a problem for some people (but not me personally)

[Me applying Sable Beige over Chanel's Bronzing Makeup Base]

This bronzer is going to be a must have for someone who is looking for a natural glow. If you are looking for something darker then look at some other brands who have really good contouring bronzer's like NARS "Laguna". This is a limited edition bronzer which is already sold out in some places, so if this bronzer takes your interest make sure you check it out soon. I adore this bronzer, and I would reccomend it alongside the Chanel bronzing base.

Rating: A

If you want to see a fantastic detailed review of "Sable Beige" & "Sable Rose please click this link

Love India xxx

♥Chanel Bronzing Base Review♥ Part 1

Hey Everyone!
Finally, I am here with part 1 of my Chanel bronzer review. I decided not to opt for "Dior Nude" or "Guerlain Terracotta" and to instead purchase two brand new Chanel bronzer's for summer 2012. I actually purchased this bronzer second, but the reason why its review is first is because I use it in my routine before my "Soleil Tan De Chanel" powder. The shade I chose in my Chanel bronzing powder was #Sable Beige, which actually shows up more and looks better on a slightly more tanned skin tone, so it is great for me to use this as a base to apply my powder bronzer to contour and sculpt. I hope you enjoy this review, and if you have any questions please leave them below as I will always reply.


Product Description (Chanel)
The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-bathed look. Wear it on its own, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL foundation.

Product Description
I must admit this product intimidated me when I first started using it, most Chanel products give a "Barely there" buildable kind of look. However, this was very pigmented and the formulae confused me initially.. making it hard for me to get used to applying it. After using this product for a few weeks it has become an everyday staple, and I honestly love this product. You also get a generous amount of bronzer, and you don't have to use much to bronze your whole face, so this should last you a very long time. Some people have said that this bronzer has turned Orange on them, but on my B30/NW25 skin I really don't find it Orange at all. I can possibly see how it could if your skin was extremely light, but it is very easy to blend out.


What I like
I like how it gives me a really lovely all over bronzed look, I apply it with my "Real Techniques" stippling brush to my forehead,temples,cheeks & Jawline. It can be used in different ways, making it a really versatile product. The price point for this product isn't actually that bad in terms of Chanel pricing. For £30.00 you get a whole 1OZ of product, that really will last you a long long time.

What I Don't Like
It's not the easiest product to keep clean, as it seems to like collecting brush hairs. I would also recommend lighter skin tones to try before you buy, as it is a lot of money to spend on something that might appear "Orange" opposed to tanned on your skin.

[Heavily Swatched on my under arm which is not tanned]

Final Verdict
From the images above you can probably tell that it can look scary but also natural, it's just about finding out how this product works best for you. If you want a bronzer that can multi-task then this is a great option. You can contour with this product (even though I find powder bronzer better to contour with) but this product is fabulous for creating an all over bronzed look, which means this is a great product to go along side a self tanner, to make your face match with the rest of your body. Even though it does look quite scary, I have been wearing it in all my latest blog pictures.. and I have had absolutely no problem blending it out. As long as you use it sensibly then I can't see anyone having problems with it being orange, but it does depend on your skin tone. Finally, I really love this product its smooth, and gives you an instant glow which I love.

Rating: A

Love India xxxx

2 July 2012

♥-♥June Favourites & OOTD♥-♥

Hey Lovelies!
I was deliberating what post to do today as I have a few lined up. However, I have decided to do a June favourites post as it seems like a lot are circulating, and I also like to read them. If you have a June favourites then make sure you leave it below, and I will be sure to check it out for you.

Below are the products which I have been loving this month, I wanted to change it up a little bit so I took some of my usual favourites out *Cough Vitalumiere Aqua Cough* haha! - I swear I don't stop talking about the stuff!. Hope you enjoy the post lovelies.


Chanel Bronzing Base - I know it has a much longer name than that haha, but I just like to keep it short and sweet. I am really enjoying this product, as it gives an instant bronzed glow under or over foundation. I also don't find it Orange at all on my B30/NW25 Skin.

Chanel Sable Beige 2012 Limited Edition Bronzer - This is a fantastic subtle bronzer which really enhances my complexion. I also use the given brush to shade select the darker tones to contour with, then I buff them out with my Real Techniques brush to create a natural bronzed look

MAC Cremeblend Blush "Something Special" - This Cremeblend blush gives a real pop of "Peach" and can be worked to different intensities. It has been my go to blusher, as it goes really nicely over my other Creme products which I'm currently using.

Benefit "POREfessional" -  This is a fantastic primer, and I made sure I stocked up on 3 samples (from Glamour) which is the equivalent to over a full sized tube. It really smooths out my complexion, and makes applying my foundation a dream. I do think it makes my makeup last longer, but I adore it simply for how it makes my skin feel.

 Benefit "They're Real" - I finally re-purchased this gorgeous mascara, and I would have to say its reached HG status for me. It actually does a good job at doing what it claims, and I love the brush with the rounded tip. I would 100% recommend this gorgeous mascara, so make sure you check it out!.

Chanel Rouge Coco shine #70 Sourire - I purchased this beautiful warm toned Pink a good few weeks ago now, and I kind of forgot about it. I honestly don't know why I left it for so long, it looks so beautiful with my  Bronzer and Peach blush, because of its warm undertones. 

L'Oreal Re-Nutrition Conditioner - This conditioner is so lovely, and it's key ingredients are Royal Jelly and Omega, which are both amazing conditioning products. I have been using this product this month, and my hair has been really lovely and soft after using it.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant 48hr - I am on my second Garnier Mineral spray, and I have to admit its probably the best Deodorant I have ever used. It is infused with minerals, which make it really absorbing as well as giving a great fresh feeling.  

OOTD - 02/07/2012
Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Hollister
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Speedy

Love India xxxx

1 July 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Review

Hey Everyone!
Today I have an updated Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact review for you all. The reason why I have decided to re-visit this product is because there doesn't seem to be as many reviews circulating in the Blogsphere compared to the original fluid version. I have also purchased my first refill, so I thought it would be nice for you to all get an idea of what you get in the refill pack. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies, and I will be back very shortly with another post!.


About the product (Chanel)
An ultra-fine, fresh and melt-away sensorial texture. Skin that is hydrated and plumped from within. A natural glowing result. Easy and rapid application with its portable case. Shake up your makeup with VITALUMIÈRE AQUA COMPACT! This refillable compact, specially designed for normal to dry skin, is ideal for touch-ups, making it the essential ally for women in search of a radiant, even complexion all day long. Its light to medium coverage offers a natural satiny makeup finish. Soft Focus pigments illuminate dull and tired skin. Emollient ingredients preserve the skin's hydration for immediate and all-day comfort. As a complement, SPF 15 protects the skin from damaging sun rays. The formula also contains Vitamin E, renowned for its anti-free radical properties. Adjust the coverage, from light to medium, with precise application using the ultra-soft sponge. Oil-free. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic.



[This is what you get in the refill package]
[B30 Partially Blended]
My Personal Opinion 
This foundation is a really great option if you are looking for a medium coverage version of the original liquid foundation. It blends effortlessly and it does create a flawless natural glowing complexion, which is obviously a great result. It's portable and very easy to use, I find using it with a stippling brush gives the best results. It has a lasting time of around 4-6 hours on my normal/combination skin, and I would recommend it for it's target audience of "Dry to Normal skin types". The colour range is best suited to neutral/warm undertones, as it is not available in the Chanel "Beige Rose" for rosy complexions. 
The only bad points about this foundation is it's price and lasting time. Firstly the compact is almost £40.00 and the refills are £29.00. However, I can make my fluid version last up to 6 months compared to 3 months with this compact version. It is VERY easy to overuse this product, as you do tend to pick up quite a lot on the brush and also the sponge soaks up a lot of product. 

Final Verdict
Rate: A
Whatever way you look at "Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua" its simply a fabulously gorgeous foundation. This version of the foundation just edges a win over the liquid version for me, as I was always a fan of the now discontinued "Teint innocence" compact. I really like Creme foundations, and I find this one really hydrating and easy to work with. I would 100% recommend both Vitalumiere Aqua foundations, but if you purchase this one use it very lightly.

Love India xxx

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