3 July 2012

♥Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Sable Beige♥ - Part 2

Hey Everyone!
Its time for Part 2 of my Chanel bronzer review. I must admit taking pictures of this bronzer has been near impossible, especially since it has been constantly dull and overcast in the UK. I feel like I need a really lovely sunny day to do this review, but it has been dull and cloudy for over a month now. If I do get a chance to get better images then I will re post this review. 

The first image shows the product brand new, and then you can probably tell the rest of the images show this bronzer in a slightly more "loved" state ... haha well I do really love it!!. 

    [Top Left Img = Natural Top Right Img = Flash Bottom Right Img = Natural blended]

What Chanel have to say ?
The powder warms up the complexion in a single step, with an evanescent and silky sensation. Two intensities, dominated by pink or peach, spice up the skin depending on its natural tone: SABLE ROSE for fair complexions and SABLE BEIGE for olive complexions. For a healthy glow and a natural tan, apply all of the shades, blended together with a stroke of the brush.Add highlighting touches with the pale shades.Sculpt the face with the dark shades.

There are two variations of this bronzer which are "Sable Beige" (Above) and "Sable Rose". The reason why I chose this bronzer was because I use the Beige Range of Chanel foundation, not the BR range. I also didn't really want any Pink in my bronzer, as I probably already have to many blushers. However, It is said that "Beige Rose" is suited to lighter skin tones, and Beige Sable is suited to more of a tanned complexion. Anyway, my secret to this bronzer is using my "Chanel Bronzing Base" to create a base for this bronzer. I must admit I absolutely love this bronzer, it creates a real natural bronzed glow, as well as really being a great complexion enhancer. 

- Fantastic if you are into "Natural Bronzing"
- Great for creating a warm glowy tone to your skin, due to the Gold and Peach tones
- Lovely finely milled powder, making it a dream to work with.
- I use the brush provided to shade select the darkest shade for contouring, then I buff the line out with my Real Technique stippling brush, which creates a great natural contoured look.
- I prefer it to the "Rose" variation as I find it to look quite "ruddy" in comparison to the natural bronze shade created by "Sable Beige".

- It is classed as the lighter shade, so if you want a darker bronzer opt for the "Rose" or perhaps look into Dior/Guerlain/NARS/Boujoirs/Benefit who also have great bronzer's.
- Could be to light for darker skin tones, I would say it's probably best suited to Fair/medium tones even though Chanel claims that #Sable Beige is suited to darker complexions.
- It does have some shimmer, which is a problem for some people (but not me personally)

[Me applying Sable Beige over Chanel's Bronzing Makeup Base]

This bronzer is going to be a must have for someone who is looking for a natural glow. If you are looking for something darker then look at some other brands who have really good contouring bronzer's like NARS "Laguna". This is a limited edition bronzer which is already sold out in some places, so if this bronzer takes your interest make sure you check it out soon. I adore this bronzer, and I would reccomend it alongside the Chanel bronzing base.

Rating: A

If you want to see a fantastic detailed review of "Sable Beige" & "Sable Rose please click this link

Love India xxx

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