6 July 2012

Fantastic Unisex Product for - Combination/Oily skin

Hey Lovelies!!
Recently, I have been noticing more of an oily t zone on my face. I never knew I had a problem with this, as my skin is fairly normal on a day to day basis. I don't really get oily anywhere else, so I suppose that must mean I have normal combination skin. I use the "Temple Spa" skincare range, which may I add is simply incredible (and paraben free). 

Temple Spa - Way to Go Facial Cleanser 150ml £18.00

-  Lightweight refreshing gel formulae
- Non sticky
-  Removes excess oils from skin
- Antiseptic/Antibacterial properties
- Removes make-up
- Paraben free
- Advance pump system (no product waste)

 Vitamin E- Vitamin C- Bergamot- Anise- PomegranateRosemary- Lemon balm- Dates- Plantain



My Verdict
I have always been a fan of gel/foam cleansers as they are easy and generally fuss free. If you have combination/oily skin I would recommend this product, because it  takes excess oil away from your skin. It is very refreshing and suitable for women/men and teenagers. I generally really like this product, and it has left my face really clean, refreshed and seems to have helped with my t-zone.

Love India xxx

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