9 July 2012

July Beauty Haul

Hey Everyone!
I haven't posted in about 3 days which seems quite weird, as I usually post everyday!. However, I have decided that my course, and business are in much need of attention. I love blogging so much, that it really does take over me haha!. Don't worry though I will still be blogging every week, maybe just not every single day!.

Anyway, moving onto the exciting stuff ... I have a little haul for you all today. A few days ago I ordered the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in #30, and also the Dior Addict lip gloss in 664. I also stocked up on the very generous "Balance Me" skincare range currently in Glamour magazine. Finally, I always carry a pack of makeup wipes in my bag in case of an emergency, and I find Waitrose do really nice quality ones for just under £2.00.

Essential Waitrose Cleansing Wipes -
These come in three different combinations, and I buy them all. If you live in the UK then you will be able to buy these. They come in at just under £2.00 and they are fairly good quality. I generally keep them in my bag just in case I have some kind of beauty emergency.

Balance Me Balancing Cleanser , Balance Me Balancing Moisturiser & Rose Otto Lip Balm -
These Travel sizes retail around £10.00 each, but I managed to get my hands on them for £2.00 each with this months Glamour magazine. I am yet to try these products, but they are supposed to be really good for normal/combination skin. However, they do have other ranges on their website.. so I will let you know how I get on.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder £34.00 -
After noticing an oily t-zone I got researching my favourite brand to see what their loose powder was like. When I seen all the positive reviews, I just had to purchase it. The price isn't that bad considering you get a lot of product in comparison to the "Laura Mercier" loose powder. I have used it today, and I have to admit I really like how it has made my makeup look.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Summer Mix #664 £21.00 -
This purchase was a total "splurge" but the colour 664 has to be the most amazing Pink I have seen this summer. I hope to get some better pictures for you all, when I do a review on it. I seriously love love this lip gloss, and after wearing it for one day it left the most gorgeous stain on my lips. Thumbs up for Dior!

Love India xxx

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