20 July 2012

My week in pictures!

Hey Everyone!
I thought I would do a "My week in pictures" post. I have always been interested in them,but never actually thought about doing one myself. 

(Pictures L-R)
Picture 1 - This is a picture I took today in my car, just as I was about to head off to my local supermarket to stock up on some sweets for me and my boyfriend.
Picture 2 - Haha, well I got the sweets!! and I'm already munching on some now. I love "Skittles - Crazy Cores" they taste so so yummy!.
Picture 3 - This week I moved to my boyfriends house for a week whilst his parents are away. I think I named this picture something like "LV's and a leopard case.. classy" haha, well I do like to have a little joke about things!
Picture 4 - Well, after months of no sunshine in the UK... we finally got some. I decided to take a picture of my outside, just in case the sun didn't come back!.
Picture 5 - This is me and my boyfriend at Thorpe Park in London. It was seriously so much fun, and I can't wait to go to Florida with him. 
Picture 6 - I organised my make-up, which you will find in a post below this!

Love India xxx

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