16 July 2012

Rave Review "Travel Edition" - Balance Me Skincare

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick post today about this fabulous skincare brand "Balance Me". I have been collecting their "Travel  Sized" samples from the most recent Glamour magazine. Each sample retails for over £10.00 and the magazine is only £2.00, so you get a really great deal for your money.

I officially want to award this brand with the "Best Travel Skincare Brand" - I have been searching for a brand that is natural, and easy to travel with. I love my Temple Spa products, but they are so large.. and I really can't travel with them well. However, Balance me offers a really great natural alternative that is also more cost effective compared to brands like Temple Spa, Elemis and Clarins, whose prices can get up into the £100's. 

The price point for this brand is between £16-25 for full sized products, and between £3-10 for their generous sized samples. They also cater for a range of different skin types, and the smell is just like sherbet mmm!. 

I would seriously recommend taking a look at this brand "Balance Me" because their products are natural, and they are a really good hearted brand, which I can't wait to explore some more!

Love India xxx


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