7 August 2012

Current Favourite Blush - MAC Cremeblend "Something Special"

Hey Lovelies!
I have been posting a lot lately which is fantastic, as I went through a period when I super busy & lacking motivation. I have given my blog a bit of a spruce, and colour change... which I hope you like. It reflects my favourite colours which are Pink & Peach, so I thought it would be cute to add a bit of my personality in the design. 

Today, I am going to be talking about my most reached for blush which I have been using in my "Summery Glow" Routine, which I will be posting about very soon. I'm looking forward to creating the look and smiling without my braces as well, it has been such a journey for me (for various reasons) and I'm glad that it is over now. 


Firstly, Excuse the product for looking a bit "tatty" but I had to use different brushes, and techniques to try and get the best effect with this this blush!. Anyway, I have been reaching for this blush the most as I feel like the "Cremeblend" formulae works with a "glowy" look better than a pressed powder. It is a beautiful bright Coral/Peach which can be intensified or blended out to create a more natural glow. I love this blush because it can either be a "show stopper" with its bright side, or it can be "Subtle" and barley there blush, creating just a soft awakening glow. 

The formulae is pigmented, but very workable on the face. I also like that its not at all sticky, which was something I was half expecting from my first Creme blush. I would advise you use a dense synthetic brush, as otherwise you might get hairs stuck in the product. I find Real Techniques brushes to work really well with this brush, and even a beauty blender does a good job. I have applied it with my fingers, but using a brush is a lot less hassle. 

I think I paid around £17.50 for this blush, which I did think was fairly expensive at the time. However, after paying almost £50.00 for a Chanel blush, I soon realised that £17.00 wasn't that bad. I think this is a great summery blush, and the colour would suit many complexions. I will be using this blush in a look soon, so keep an eye out for that post.

Product Rating - A-

Love India xxx



  1. Looks like a lovely shade, I love blush its one of my must have items. Thanks for the great review :D xx


    1. Hey!
      Thanks :) I am really enjoying this blush at the moment! x

  2. Something Special is on my wishlist! It's lovely!
    I just found your blog looking for swatches of this blush, how precise.
    And my favourite colours are peach & pinks aswell!

    1. It is a really gorgeous colour :)
      Thanks for checking out my blog ! xx

  3. i desperately want to try this!
    it looks like my ideal colour! :) <3

    1. I would 100% Recommend it if you are looking for a bright Peach summer blush! x

  4. This shade is lovely :) A Cremeblend Blush from MAC is definitely on my list of things to get, it's just deciding which one to get, so many to choice from :)




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