28 August 2012

Exclusive - Benefit "Go Tropicoral" & UD Naked Samples

Hey Everyone!
Before I start, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all my followers. I now have over 300, and it really does mean the world to me!.

This is probably one of the most exciting posts I have ever done haha!. I have been lucky enough to snap up one of Benefits latest gift sets "Go Tropicoral". This product is still 3 weeks away from its nationwide launch, so I am super happy to be able to offer you this exclusive. Debenhams were having a special 1 day only launch of this product, and when I seen that it wasn't to be released for 3 weeks, I realised I couldn't wait that long haha. 

This Gift set is perfect for me as I have been wanting to try the famous box blush "Coralista" for ages now. I also have been wanting to try High-Beam, so this is really a fabulous kit for me. I have been looking on Sephora, and it looks like Benefit are releasing a gift set for each box blush which is so exciting. I also got a generous sample of the new UD NAKED foundation, which I am super excited to try. So thank you Debenhams for including this in my order!. 

Take a look at this link "Sephora" for a sneak peak of what might be to come for the UK!

Hope you enjoy this post my lovelies, and thank-you to my new followers!

Please be warned this is a picture heavy post!






First Impressions ?
I am very excited about trying "Go Tropicoral" out. I absolutely love how its set out, and I think this will be my go to product for my upcoming holidays. The packaging is amazing as always, and I love the girly leopard print on the side! (super cute).

I will be doing a review shortly of "Go Tropicoral" as a whole, and then a detailed review for each product. Do you like the look of this Benefit Kit ? - Let me know!

Love India X



  1. This set looks so lush :) I have Coralista and your going to love it :D Can't wait to see what you think about the UD NAKED Foundation, had my eye on it for a while now :)



    1. Thanks girly!! Can't wait to try it out :D xxx

  2. Ah I love the look of this set! I love oranges and this looks perfect xx

  3. Coralista is one of my favourite blushers- this set is so cute and such a great way to try out a range of Benefit products! It will be interesting to know about their new glosses- i've looked at them, but didn't know how well they performed :) xxx

    1. Hey Claudia!
      I'm so excited to try this set, and I will let you know how i find the gloss!

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! & great post :)


  5. Hello! You have such a nice blog!
    I'm a new follower, would you like to follow each other?



  6. Wow! This kit looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this. You can just imagine how good it will look on with "tropical" in the title :) x


  7. Thanks for the lovely comment! xx

  8. wow great product! Coralista is one of my favorites! I found your blog through the Followers to Friends hop, I'm following now! I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow back & enter my giveaway if you'd like!xx
    Beauty by T

  9. so jealous you managed to get your hands on this! I soo sooo badly want Coralista, it looks like the perfect summer blush xxx


    1. I think this was around £24.00 its a great way to try a few products out xxx

  10. I really want this!! Seen it on a few peoples blogs and can't wait to get hold of it! x


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