13 August 2012

Top 3 Series: Concealers & New Design !

Hello Lovelies,
I have decided to do my next "Top 3" post on my favourite concealers, as concealer is a huge part of many beauty routines. I love concealer, and mainly use it to conceal my under eye problems. I'm not even sure if my circles/puffy eyes are that bad, but I get so paranoid about looking "tired". So using a concealer for me is a daily must, but what about you ? - Do you religiously use concealer, and what ones are your faves ?

YSL Touche Eclat #2
This is my third Touche Eclat, and even though it is technically a "highlighter" it does help to add radiance and light coverage to my under eye area. Sometimes "less" is "more", and I think this is the case with the YSL Touche Eclat. I love how it has dual uses, and can be used to add light to any part of the face. Refreshing my complexion throughout the day is made so much easier with this lovely golden pen!. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer #3
This is my second tube of this concealer and for around £4.00 I don't think you can go wrong. I use this as my blemish concealer, and also to add extra coverage here and there. It has lasted me ages, and I'm really happy with how it covers any problem areas on my face. 

Benefit Erase Paste #2
I did slightly fall out of love with this concealer, as I started to feel like it was a little "cakey". However, recently after being without my Touche Eclat I started using this concealer, and I have totally fallen back in love with it. I now use my two smaller brushes from my Real Techniques Core Collection, and I find that I can get a much lighter and smoother coverage by using the brushes. I think that I was probably using it with a heavy hand before causing it to be a bit cakey. If you find the right way to work with this product then I can assure you that it really is a great under eye concealer. I also like the melon undertones, as this is a great way to fight under eye problems. 

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Love India X


  1. Lovely post hun, I think the YSL Touche Eclat has to be my favourite, its just so pricey, but I love the way it looks when you have it on x


    1. Hey Lovely!
      I agree it is super expensive... especially now the foundation is only a few £ extra, but I agree it is amazing ! xxx

  2. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on lavieenrose.blog8@gmail.com and I will follow you immediately

    1. Hi Lucia :)
      Thanks for checking my blog out, I will pop over to yours now :)

      India <3

  3. nice post!!! thanks for the comment... followed your blog! hope you'll follow back.

    have a nice day!^^


    1. Hi Jess :)
      I will check your blog out for sure ! x

  4. amazing products! *_* your blog is very interesting and i like the outfits :)) maybe we can follw each other if you like :) keep in touch!


    1. Hey :)
      Thank you very much for the sweet comment :) xx

  5. This was a perfect post for me, thank you for the reviews! I'm really convinced that I have to get the erase paste now. My under eye circles are pretty bad, and this product sounds like it would help!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  6. Great picks. I'm a huge fan of erase paste. I have it in medium. And I fully agree, the color really helps with concealing undereye circles. Lovely blog you have here.
    Drop by my lil blog if you like reading perfume reviews :)


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