18 August 2012

What's In My "Gym" Beauty Bag

Hey My Lovelies!
It's currently 23.14 and I could be finishing off my marketing essay, but no I would much rather do a post for all my amazing followers!. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, even though they aren't the most productive sessions haha. Anyway, I thought it would be a cute idea to show you a what's in my "Gym" Beauty Bag. I didn't want to put the title as "What's in my Gym Bag" because that would be like socks, trainers and other boring gym things :p!. I have also been loving a new photo editor, but I am sure you will have already guessed judging by the "Glittery Swirls".

John Frieda - Shampoo, Conditioner & Gloss 
My hair is super long, and sometimes it can get quite coarse if I swim and gym without showing it some love. I recently purchased this little John Frieda Kit, and it comes complete with the perfect products to bring back life into my tired "worked out" hair. I have used the shampoo before, but I will let you know how the other products perform!.

Temple Spa "Be Strong" Serum
This serum is absolutely amazing, and its the perfect power treatment for tired skin. Sometimes working out can leave you feeling a little bit tired and dehydrated, and this paraben free serum does a great job of restoring life back into the skin on my face. 

TESCO Sensitive Cleansing Wipes & Eye Make Up Pads
I do like to take good care of my skin at home, but sometimes make-up wipes are the way forward. I love using them in the gym, as they clean up and possible "Pander Eye" issues haha. They are also super quick, something which I look for when going to the gym, as by the time my hair dries I just want to get out and go home.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant
This is a pretty good deodorant to be fair, and I like the whole "mineral" theme. It is also Paraben free which is another lovely bonus to any product.

I think I need to get a mini body moisturiser, but I am the most lazy person when it comes to body butters. The moment I hear the word I think of a greasy residue which I would rather not have on my skin haha!!. I know they aren't all that bad though, so recommendations for a travel sized body lotion would be great!.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies!
Speak Soon!

India X


  1. Great post :) i love reading these types of posts and what people use and carry haha I use the same 'Tesco Sensitive Cleansing Wipes' i absolutely loveee them!

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  2. I just did a similiar post as well! This is great and i Love this! Your blog is so cute!

    I hope you can come visit my page as well!

  3. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  4. I love John Fireda haircare, I haven't tried the Brunette range yet but I love their Full Repair products xxx

    1. I will be doing a review, so hope you will check back :D x

  5. great blog


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