19 September 2012

Benefit Perk Up Artist Corrector - Review

Hey Everyone!
I hope you have all been doing well ? - I'm sorry if my posting has been a bit all over the place the last week or so, but I have been having eventful times haha. So firstly, I have had a huge assignment to complete alongside having huge migraines. I have also been washing and packing all my clothes and other bits for holiday, so I haven't had much time to just relax and post. I am going to be reply to tweets, posts on my blog & doing some general blog catching up tonight. Oh yeah! and I will be at the #BBLOGGERS chat tonight, so a huge welcome if you are visiting my blog via the chat tonight!.

I am going to be posting about my recent purchase from Benefit which is called "Perk Up Artist" Custom Complexion Correcting Kit. I hope you all enjoy it, and I would love to hear from you all below!.

Perk it...then work it! Our pocket-size perk-up artist includes three lightweight, cream-to-powder shades that are everything you need to correct, cover and brighten!
  • "correct" disguises redness & discolouration
  • "cover" hides dark circles & imperfections
  • "brighten" turns tired eyes into big bright eyes


This kit is so handy its unreal, having a corrector, concealer & brightener all in one place makes it so much more useful, and less time consuming. The product does look really pigmented when you swatch it, but it does blend out to a sheer coverage. I was also very surprised by how creamy and smooth each product is, which is nice as its not cakey and it blends out like a dream. I would say my favourite part about this kit is the Yellow Corrector, I feel like it really does neutralize the redness on my cheeks and forehead. I also really like the brightener as it looks great on the inner corner, and even on the waterline. The concealer is nice as well because it goes nicely with the other products, but on its own I find it a little sheer. 


I would have to say that even though I do buy a lot of high end make-up this does seem a little pricey to me. I am sure it was around £22.50, and its such a little dinky kit I wonder how long it will last me ?. I would also say that even though the packaging is convenient, its not my favourite from Benefit (but that is a personal opinion). I think that some people may find this product a bit too sheer for them as the concealer is very lightly pigmented.


Finally, I think this is a great little product, and it does the job for someone like myself  who needs a bit of correction here and there. It's extremely handy, and fits in my handbag like an absolute dream. I also think this would be fantastic for travelling, I can imagine myself opting for this little kit on a flight just to lighten and brighten the face a little. However, I am slightly cautious about the, price and also if it would work on someone needing a little "extra" as this is quite a sheer product.  

Rating - B+



  1. Your blog is amazing!! <3 I just stared following you! you can check out my blog as well if you like :)


  2. Hmm, I never heard of this kit before. I have certain redness around my nose and chin. This would def help. I love this review love :) xx

  3. this looks like such a lovely kit, i reaaally need something like this as i look eternally tired haha

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  4. Oooh this looks like a great little kit i use boing sometimes which i really like i might give this a try! Found you through the chat we were talkin on twitter, love your blog xx

  5. Thanks for sharing!! I love Benefit and can't wait to try this product! Please visit my page :) xo


  6. ...the guy on the packaging looks like a 70s porn star...nice review though :)



  7. This looks really lovely but I agree about being a tad overpriced, great review as always sweetie :) xxx

  8. Wasnt too sure about this but glad I read this post

    BTW I've nominated you for the 'I got bitten by the blog bug'


  9. This is an excellent review and you are really such an eloquent writer. You are so talented, and you really know your thing when it comes to beauty :) I'm really happy I just stumbled across your blog, I'm definitely a new follower! Looking forward to reading your future posts :)


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