15 October 2012

Skincare - Avene & Temple Spa

Hello my lovelies!
I'm sorry for not posting for a while, but I am just overcoming a terrible winter cold which left me bunged up and unmotivated. I am feeling better now though *yay* and thought I would get a blog post in, before I have to start my business assignment. I decided to do a blog post on my current skin care, as it has changed recently.

I am currently using Avene & Temple Spa products which seems to be working quite well for my skin. I really want to get my hands on the Avene "Cold Cream" line as Its more moisturising and suited for a Winter skincare routine. I decided to take the pictures outside, and its freezing haha so I hope you like them.


Avene Cleansers
I am currently cleansing with the Avene "Micellar Lotions" & the Avene "Extremely Gentle Cleanser". They are both very rich in Avene's famous Thermale Water which is Amazing for keeping the skin fresh and hydrated. However, I do just want to mention that the Extremely Gentle Cleanser does contain a very small amount of SLS which is just something to keep in mind, but it's 96% Thermale water, and it hasn't caused me any problems since using it. I also think I'm going to invest in the full size "Micellar lotion" as I'm really enjoying using it, and it is also SLS free. 

Avene Thermale Water Spray
Regardless of my boyfriend saying "it's just water in a can" I can honestly say this is one of my all time favourite products. It just seems to sort my skin out when it's going through a bit of a rough patch, my skin has really calmed down since using this.

Neutrogena "Visibly Clear" Black Head Eliminating Lotion
I am a huge fan of the Neutrogena "Visibly Clear" line and I think it works really well to combat trouble skin. I have been using this on my nose, and in areas where I have getting spots and I can't believe the results so far. I had an area of small bumps on my right temple, and this lotion has completely clear them. I'm in love !

Avene Antirougeurs Jour Redness Emulsion
Redness is something that quite a few people experience, and it can be due to different reasons. I have been loving this emulsion, it's lightly moisturising with a green tint which helps to diffuse redness in the skin

Temple Spa "Be Strong Serum"
Described as being a "Super Juice" for the skin, I must say I absolutely love this stuff. I use it most days and it really gives my skin an extra kick, as well as working well with the Avene products. Temple Spa is just amazing, and probably my all time favourite skincare. It's paraben free and full of goodness, I would recommend checking it out if you get chance!

Temple Spa "Skin Truffle"
Diamonds, Gold, Chocolate and Champagne ? ... sounds like heaven! and those are just a few of the ingredients. This is a very rich moisturising cream, which I use every other day and the results are just amazing. It has just won the beauty bible award, and has scored the highest points that the panel have ever awarded a cream. It gives the complexion a really radiant and plump appearance, and you can find a sample of this cream here "latest in beauty" 

Temple Spa "Repose" Night Cream 
This cream is amazing, and is designed to be an aromatherapy cream to help with anxiety and insomnia. Its rich in Mediterranean botanical's, and I tend to use this when I feel like my skin needs a little extra moisture. I also use it if I am suffering with anxiety, as it helps to deepen breathing. You can buy this from temple spa either "full" or "sample" size.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and would love to hear from you lovelies below. I also just want to say congratulations to the lovely Kayleigh from "Couture Girl" for reaching over 2000 followers!. She really inspires me, and I would love for you to visit her blog if you haven't already popped over :)

* All products mentioned have been brought with my own money, and are all suitable for sensitive skin.



  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    You have a great skincare routine! I like the sound of the ''skin truffle'' xxx

    1. Thanks lovely :) Skin truffle is so good ! xx

  2. Awww thanks for the sweet mention darling :) love how much you love the spray haha ;) we love a bit of avene dont we haha!! Xx.

    1. Its okay lovely :) Haha I know, I think we have a bit of an obsession with it ;)

      lots of love xxx

  3. Think I might have to purchase the Neutrogena lotion, I have a few bumps on my chin that need shifting xx

    1. Hey Hun :)
      Its so good :) I would defo recommend it xxx

  4. Great post. I've been a fan of avene for about a year now and it's great for my dry skin. I've never heard of temple spa so thanks for the recommendation. So proud of Kayleigh too xxx


    1. Thanks lovely :)i would really recommend temple spa as well sweetie! - I'm so proud of Kay :) she is such a lovely girl xx


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