9 October 2012

TAG - 8 Fall Loves

Hey Beauties!
So I was tagged by the very lovely Elysa to do the "8 Fall Loves" TAG which I was quite excited about doing. I don't do that many Tag's, but when a good one comes along I can't resist doing it haha. Firstly, I would like to apologise for one or two things missing, but I just don't have them at hand right now :(
I would love to hear from you lovelies below, and if you do this tag make sure you leave it as a link below. Lots of love and hugs! & hope you enjoy the post!.

Favourite Fall Eyeshadow- I would probably say that "Naked" From the UD #1 palette is my favourites for autumn, Its such a good base colour. I also like "Buck" & "Smog" for autumn! 

Favourite Fall Blush - I have recently rediscovered "Bella Bamba" by Benefit and I actually really love it for autumn, it turns out quite a nice Raspberry shade on my cheeks.

Favourite Fall Lipstick- Crystal Pink by Estee Lauder is a beautiful mauve/berry Pink. Its perfect for an everyday autumn look, as it gives a delicate berry shade without being to overpowering or high maintenance.

Favourite Fall Nail Polish- I always like Temple Spa's "Nail Truffle" its a gorgeous bronze that can either work for summer, or as more of an Autumn Brown shade.

Favourite Fall Perfume- My perfume preferences chop and change, but at the moment its Estee Lauder "Sensuous Nude" its not the kind of scent you can smell from afar, but its a really comforting, warm & feminine fragrance.

Favourite Fall Jewellery Item- I would probably say my Chanel Earrings & Tiffany Necklace are going to be my fall favourites, as they are so gorgeous and really add a beautiful twinkle to any outfit.

Favourite Fall Miscellaneous Item- I am just going to say my MAC "MAC RED" lipstick because I am crazy in love with it at the moment haha.

Favourite fall clothing item- I would probably say my new "River Island" Berry coloured jeans, I have hardly been able to take them off haha.

What is the thing you most look forward to about Autumn? - I like new make-up collections, but I like the Fall holidays, and getting cosy and ready for Christmas time.

Do you go trick or treating if so what do you dress up as? - OMG it used to be my favourite thing to do!! Haha, and I was always a "Witch" because I have long dark hair.

I TAG You ! 



  1. Mac lipstick looks amazing. WANT!
    Erica xo


  2. Thanks for doing this tag and mentioning me :) i hope you enjoyed doing this tag x

  3. Gorgeous picks :) Especially loving the nail polish and the Estee Lauder Lipstick, such a pretty colour xx

  4. I still don't own the naked palette, I don't know how I've been reading beauty blogs for well over 3 years and not given in at some point!!! I might give this tag a go :) xxx

    1. I love the naked palette :) its the only eye shadow palette I need in my life hehe xx

  5. Love your berry coloured jeans!
    Loveee this post :) xx

  6. I cannot wait to get the Naked pallet for Christmas! Xxx

  7. I love the Naked Palette! Naked is such a great blending color!

  8. Very nice list! I'm very excited to get my hands on that Naked palette! thanks for following us following you back. Love your blog!

    Stay pretty xo


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