14 November 2012

Winter Pinks - Lip Choices

Hey Lovelies!
I have totally been rushed off my feet the last two weeks between my boyfriends birthday and my accounting and finance module starting this week. I hope you have all been keeping well ? I know I haven't posted for around 4/5 days now, so I thought I would talk about my favourite beauty topic "Lippies". I must admit in the summer I am a total Peach girl, I think Peach is so beautiful in the summer and it really adds a gorgeous warmth to the skin. However, come Winter I obsess over Blue Toned Pinks and turn total ice queen ;) haha!. There is something about Pink on lips/cheeks in Winter that I find so beautiful... do you agree ?

If you are visiting my blog via the #bbloggers chat then I would like to say a big warm welcome to my little Pink blog haha :) - You can also contact me via twitter "Jewelbeautyblog"

MAC Cremesheen Glass "Going Casual" - Lavish Rose MAC Holiday Collection 2012
This has been by far my most used lip product over the last two weeks. I absolutely love this gloss because it gives me a gorgeous Pink Colour with the perfect amount of Colour pay off for everyday. I also quite like the texture, and find it quite easy to wear and re-apply. It does have quite good lasting power for a gloss, and probably lasts around 2 hours on me. 

YSL Rouge Volupte 19 - Frivolous Pink 
Say hello to my ultimate "Blue Toned Pink Lippie" - I absolutely love this lipstick for so so many reasons (cough *beautiful packaging* cough) and of course the product itself. It is very similar to MAC "Going Casual" but it does give quite opaque coverage, so I tend to go for the MAC gloss if I want the same Colour but just not as strong. I would say this is one of my top ever lip products, because it looks amazing with a smokey eye. 

YSL - Glossy Stain - 18
This is possibly the most unique formula that I have ever used. It it the perfect combination of gloss, stain and lipstick all in one. It's not only that fact which makes it ahh mazing! - It also has the texture of all three, which may sound weird.. but you would have to try it to know what I mean haha. The glossy stain can also build up different coverage, which actually makes it quite a versatile product. However, the shade 18 is a very light milky blue toned Pink, which does make it slightly harder to wear, especially if your lips are chapped. 

MAC Dazzleglass Creme "Demure" - Lavish Rose MAC Holiday Collection 2012
Demure is a pale toned milky Pink with Blue iridescent sparkle, which I think is really pretty. Both MAC "Demure" and "Going Casual" come part of the Lavish Rose collection, so I'm not sure if you can buy these alone?. I am using "Going Casual" more right now, but after swatching and seeing the beautiful Sparkle.. I think "Demure" is going to be another favourite!.
L-R (YSL-Frivilous Pink, MAC-Demure, YSL Glossy Stain-18, MAC- Going Casual)

Thank you for reading :) - I would love to know what your favourite shades are from this post ?



  1. going casual is my favorite shade

  2. I love pink lipglosses and lipsticks but I haven't find the perfect peach color for me .-.
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  3. I LOVE all of these shades! definitely happy that by boyfriend has picked up the Lavish Rose set for me for Christmas! You have such great taste in lip products! xxx

    1. Thanks Hun :) you will love the lr set :) xxxx

  4. I love them all. Massively jel right now! :)

    Lauren z | The Teapot Blog

  5. Aww :) thanks for the comment lovely xxx

  6. The YSL lipstick is definitely my favourite but they're all really pretty :)

    I don't know if it's just my Blogger acting up but your blog isn't updated neither on my dashboard nor on Bloglovin, the last post which is shown is from january :( Did you change the URL or something? Don't mean to bother you, I just really want to follow your blog, so if you have an idea how I could fix it please let me know :) xxx

    1. Aww no :( I hope it start to work for you soon xx

  7. Heyy!!!!

    You have such an impressive blog :-) New follower from Sana's Fashion Ramblings. Just came across your blog and truely loved it. Its always been so nice to meet with a person who shares the same passion like me . I am following you now with a name Sana Sadiq .

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    would love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 xxxx


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment :) will check your blog xx

  8. I'm dying to dry a YSL lippie. My favourite has to be the YSL-Frivilous Pink. it's sooooo pretty, don't think I could pull it off though. And I totally agree. I think Pink/berry lips/cheeks in winter against a pale complexion I think is gorgeous! xx

    1. Good luck finding your perfect shade lovely x

  9. They all look beautiful!
    And what do you have a very nice blog! I will certainly follow you now!

  10. These all look so pretty!
    I'm definitely a pinkie lip kinda girl! :)


  11. All of these are lovely! I got a beautiful pink lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in my Selfridges Beauty Bag and it's AMAZING! I'd deffo recommend! xxx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation :) will check xxxxxx

  12. MACs Demure looks really nice. I'm yet to try a lipglass from MAC. This has really tempted me :) x

  13. I absolutely love MAC Going Out. I need to buy this! I sometimes find it difficult to find nice pink colours.


    Mhairi x

  14. I love the YSL Lipstick! Even if for the Casing alone! So beautiful! :)


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