19 November 2012

Winterlicious Tag & Update

Hey Beauties!
Time to get festive ;) - I have been so busy lately and have found it really quite hard to balance everything going on in my life right now. However, today I was checking out YouTube and noticed that MacBarbie07 had made a really cute tag called the "Winterlicious Tag"... so I thought why not do it on my blog ? and I know that its something a few of my followers would be interested in doing themselves.

I already feel like blasting some Christmas music and getting the drinks and nibbles out haha!!. I also love the  moment I see the first Coke advert, it gets me all excited. Ohh and how cute is that John Lewis snowman advert ? I am in love with it hehe!. I think I am getting a little excited now, so I will stop blabbing and get on with the tag.


TAG - Winterlicious Macbarbie07

Favourite Winter Nail Polish
I am not hugely into Nail Polish but I do have some favourites, I would say my favourite is my Temple Spa Nail Truffle treat which is made from Diamond dust & Rose quartz, it's a really lovely metallic brown shade which goes lovely with most of my Winter wardrobe.

Favourite Winter Lip Product
Ohhh! Decisions... I would have to say right now it's between MAC "Going Casual" & YSL Rouge Volupte  in Frivolous Pink. I can't get enough of Blue Toned Pinks during the Winter time!. I love the contrast on my Pale skin, with a smokey eye.

Most Worn Winter Clothing Item
I think I wear my Jack Wills Lambswool jumpers the most, they are really good staples and can be worn alone or dressed up. Ohh and of course they are lovely and toasty :D

Favourite Winter Scent/Candle
My boyfriend has an amazing Yankee candle I'm sure its cranberry zest. It's a really warm Christmas smell, but at the same time its quite fresh because of the zest in it. I also love my latest Estee Lauder Perfume called "Sensuous Nude" its a really warm and cosy scent, which is great for Christmas.

Favourite Winter Beverage
I would probably say a Brandy and Coke with my dad :) It reminds me so much of Christmas and having a good old laugh.

All time favourite Christmas/Holiday Movie ?
I have to totally cheat here and say its pretty even between Santa Claus The Movie 1985 and the Snowman, I really love the classics.

Favourite Christmas Song ?
Again... I totally love all the cheesy classics haha. I used to sing Wham last Christmas when I was a little girl. I used to put on little Christmas shows and make all my family watch me!

Favourite Holiday Food/Treat
My family are really into the big food/treat displays haha.. so I munch my way through all the cheeky stuff *chocolate* ;). I also quite like marmite twiglets, which I know I'm mostly alone with that one haha.

What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year ?
I love really decorative ones with glitter, and also snowflakes and snowmen are cute :)

What is at the top of your Christmas List ?
Hmm! Maybe a camera or a bag ?! but I'm not sure :)

What are your plans for the holidays this year ?
I am going to Barcelona for my boyfriends 21st birthday celebrations :) We are also watching Barcelona play football, so its going to be loads of fun :D. I think there might be a Christmas market as well, which would be literally so cute, especially as we are going the week before Christmas.

I really hope you enjoyed this tag, and feel free to go ahead and do it on your blog. I thought I would leave you with a picture of me (middle) and my friends, as we went on a night out this Saturday gone.




  1. I love your blog, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to grow my reader base to the size of yours. Good work! <3 Love that red dress!!!!


    1. Hi Lola :)
      Thanks so much! - good luck with your blog! X

  2. Ah lovely hun!!! Can i have a go on my blog/youtube? You look stunning!! Xxxx

    followed you!

    The Misty Mom

  4. Loving this tag. Estee Lauder Sensuous nude is my all time favourite. You look stunning in your photo hun hope you had a good night out :) xxx

    1. Thanks sweetie pie :) ahh it's such a gorgeous smell

  5. i love this tag because i love christmas! you look stunning in that photo.
    enjoy barcelona, i went last autumn. make sure you go to the gaudi houses!

  6. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  7. I might do this tag hehe! :)
    You look amazing!


  8. You look great and your hair is just amazing honey! X

  9. Love all of the nail polish shades in the set! Got your blog link in the chat and I have been loving reading through all of your posts, they are amazing! xo

  10. That red dress is stunning on you! And I just adore your blog! Xo



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