19 November 2012

Winterlicious Tag & Update

Hey Beauties!
Time to get festive ;) - I have been so busy lately and have found it really quite hard to balance everything going on in my life right now. However, today I was checking out YouTube and noticed that MacBarbie07 had made a really cute tag called the "Winterlicious Tag"... so I thought why not do it on my blog ? and I know that its something a few of my followers would be interested in doing themselves.

I already feel like blasting some Christmas music and getting the drinks and nibbles out haha!!. I also love the  moment I see the first Coke advert, it gets me all excited. Ohh and how cute is that John Lewis snowman advert ? I am in love with it hehe!. I think I am getting a little excited now, so I will stop blabbing and get on with the tag.


TAG - Winterlicious Macbarbie07

Favourite Winter Nail Polish
I am not hugely into Nail Polish but I do have some favourites, I would say my favourite is my Temple Spa Nail Truffle treat which is made from Diamond dust & Rose quartz, it's a really lovely metallic brown shade which goes lovely with most of my Winter wardrobe.

Favourite Winter Lip Product
Ohhh! Decisions... I would have to say right now it's between MAC "Going Casual" & YSL Rouge Volupte  in Frivolous Pink. I can't get enough of Blue Toned Pinks during the Winter time!. I love the contrast on my Pale skin, with a smokey eye.

Most Worn Winter Clothing Item
I think I wear my Jack Wills Lambswool jumpers the most, they are really good staples and can be worn alone or dressed up. Ohh and of course they are lovely and toasty :D

Favourite Winter Scent/Candle
My boyfriend has an amazing Yankee candle I'm sure its cranberry zest. It's a really warm Christmas smell, but at the same time its quite fresh because of the zest in it. I also love my latest Estee Lauder Perfume called "Sensuous Nude" its a really warm and cosy scent, which is great for Christmas.

Favourite Winter Beverage
I would probably say a Brandy and Coke with my dad :) It reminds me so much of Christmas and having a good old laugh.

All time favourite Christmas/Holiday Movie ?
I have to totally cheat here and say its pretty even between Santa Claus The Movie 1985 and the Snowman, I really love the classics.

Favourite Christmas Song ?
Again... I totally love all the cheesy classics haha. I used to sing Wham last Christmas when I was a little girl. I used to put on little Christmas shows and make all my family watch me!

Favourite Holiday Food/Treat
My family are really into the big food/treat displays haha.. so I munch my way through all the cheeky stuff *chocolate* ;). I also quite like marmite twiglets, which I know I'm mostly alone with that one haha.

What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year ?
I love really decorative ones with glitter, and also snowflakes and snowmen are cute :)

What is at the top of your Christmas List ?
Hmm! Maybe a camera or a bag ?! but I'm not sure :)

What are your plans for the holidays this year ?
I am going to Barcelona for my boyfriends 21st birthday celebrations :) We are also watching Barcelona play football, so its going to be loads of fun :D. I think there might be a Christmas market as well, which would be literally so cute, especially as we are going the week before Christmas.

I really hope you enjoyed this tag, and feel free to go ahead and do it on your blog. I thought I would leave you with a picture of me (middle) and my friends, as we went on a night out this Saturday gone.




  1. I love your blog, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to grow my reader base to the size of yours. Good work! <3 Love that red dress!!!!


    1. Hi Lola :)
      Thanks so much! - good luck with your blog! X

  2. Ah lovely hun!!! Can i have a go on my blog/youtube? You look stunning!! Xxxx

    followed you!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thanks lovely :) hope you enjoy my blog xxxx

  4. Loving this tag. Estee Lauder Sensuous nude is my all time favourite. You look stunning in your photo hun hope you had a good night out :) xxx

    1. Thanks sweetie pie :) ahh it's such a gorgeous smell

  5. i love this tag because i love christmas! you look stunning in that photo.
    enjoy barcelona, i went last autumn. make sure you go to the gaudi houses!

  6. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  7. I might do this tag hehe! :)
    You look amazing!


  8. You look great and your hair is just amazing honey! X

  9. Love all of the nail polish shades in the set! Got your blog link in the chat and I have been loving reading through all of your posts, they are amazing! xo

  10. That red dress is stunning on you! And I just adore your blog! Xo



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