19 December 2012

Beautiful Barcelona! - Picture Post

Hello Beauties!
It feels like I haven't been active for absolutely ages, so I thought today I would do a picture post of my recent trip to Barcelona. I was so happy to finish my accounting module for a month, and was able to enjoy my time away for my boyfriends 21st Celebrations. We went for three nights/four days, we would have loved to of stayed longer, but sadly Daniel had work to get back too!. I hope you are all really excited for Christmas, I feel like I haven't had time to even think about it!! - but now I'm home and sat by the log fire writing this post, so I think that now I can finally take a breath and relax for Christmas woo!.

This post is extremely picture heavy!!

Before we left my dad arranged a lovely car transfer to pick us up and drop us back to the airport!
On our first day we went on a Camp Nou football experience which was really amazing, and something that Daniel was so excited about doing, as he is a football addict haha!.
Me and my double Vodka at Icebarcelona!
We had a lovely coffee whilst looking over the beautiful City of Barcelona
Watching Barcelona play football :D - Messi! <3
The weather was so beautiful, and my little Versace cross body bag was a life saver!.
I didn't take my Chanel handbag with me as I was worried a little about the Pick Pockets, but this didn't stop me from taking a cheeky look around the shop. I did go to get some of the ballet flats, but they didn't have the ones I wanted :( - However, they had some beautiful bags! and I definitely know what I want as my next!.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I could post so many more ... but if you follow me on Instagram "Indiarobyn" you will probably see me posting some more over the weeks :D. I also have a haul post coming up, so keep an eye out for that!.

Hope you are all well :)

India X


  1. I've wanted to go to Barcelona for so long it looks amazing! xx

  2. Great photographs. I went to Barcelona when I was younger and remember it a bit but would love to go back for all the sights that I missed! Hope you had a lovely time x

  3. It looks like you had a great time. I love Chanel but don't own anything from there (I wish) would love to see what your next purchase is going to be! xx

    1. Hi lovely :) aww thanks for the sweet comment xx

  4. Aw cute photo's hun looks like you had a lovely break away.
    I would love a chanel bag there all gorgeous!.


  5. Lovely photos! I love Barcelona, such a nice city!!

  6. love the photos can't wait to be able to vist Barca

    xo cassy

  7. Looks as though you had an amazing time lovely. You look gorgeous as ever! xx


  8. Barcelona is a pretty amazing place, but when I went most of the people I went with (college) were pick pocketed and my hotel room was broken into fro the balcony while I was in it! Crazy place, it was an experience!


  9. It looks like you had such a great time.. i'd love to go to Barcelona! xx

    The Littles.

  10. amazing photos (: i wanna go to barcelona (:

    I love your blog

    follow me back please



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