5 December 2012

Sunkissed Party Challenge! - Gallery Live!

Hey Lovelies!
Recently I got involved with the Sunkissed "Party" Challenge, which was a fun way to escape from my winter blues. The gallery is now live, and I would really appreciate it if you could pop over and give a vote to my look. I am going to be talking about my look, as well as doing a mini review, so I hope you enjoy this post lovelies.  I also want to thank the lovely Hannah who got in contact with me to do this challenge, it has been great fun!.
My look explained
I wanted to create a "Cranberry" eye which has been very popular lately, I also wanted to create a look that was in line with this seasons Berry trends. I enjoyed using the Gold highlighter, and found it to be very pigmented, and fantastic for creating a glam look. I have highlighted the products I used with a White dot, just in case you were wondering what the dots were for haha!.
I was really impressed with the Sunkissed products in general but I did have a few standout favourites. Firstly, I instantly fell in love with the Gold highlighter that came within the large palette. The highlighter is so pigmented, and literally screams bronzed goddess/total party diva!. I also really liked the light Champagne colored eye-shadow that came within the palette. I really liked how pigmented it was, and how it also looked great on my brow bone. Another great product was the large bronzer, I can't believe how big it is haha!. Finally, I also liked the lip pigments at the bottom of the palette, and found that the Colour lasted quite a long time on my lips.

Vote for me HERE

Thanks beauties!



  1. pretty! becky from bluebellelovely.blogspot.comxxx

  2. Hey, got your link from the #bbloggers chat on twitter.
    I love the look of your blog, reading through a load of your posts and I'm definitely going to be following you :)
    Oh I voted for you on this competition also, your look is very glam but understated which I love.



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