19 January 2013

Walking In A Winter Wonderland...

Hi Lovelies!
I was totally shocked when I seen that the met office had issued a red warning for snow right by where I live. At first I was quite annoyed because I knew this snow would disrupt my weekend plans, which included seeing my boyfriend and friends. However, all ended up well and Daniel took a great risk and drove 45 minutes to see me in these terrible conditions (good boyfriend haha) - but I still haven't managed to resolve seeing my friends, as I'm way to scared to get in my car and drive haha. I also thought that this post would be good to have more of a general chit chat, which is a nice change.

I'm also currently working on new stock for my business Jewel By India R, as well as working on an exciting new idea which me and my boyfriend  are working on together. I sometimes think I overload myself with things, but I always have to have something exciting in the pipeline!. However, with my Business degree and Ikandi internship I have my work cut out for me, but I enjoy a challenge!. 

Now, I know the Snow isn't for everyone! and to be honest I always prefer it before Christmas instead of after. However, I ended up having more fun than what I was expecting and wanted to share some wintery home photo's with you all. I didn't get a chance to do many winter inspired posts before Christmas, so hopefully you will enjoy this post. I also promise that I have some serious Hair, Skin and Beauty posts coming up for you lovelies.
The Lake & Pretty Trees! - I wanted a picture with our geese on the lake, but I think I scared them!
The River also looked amazing!
Me In the Snow :)
Just leaving the house to build a super cute snowman :D
Aww isn't he cute ? 

I also had a few sledging pictures, but I think I will pop them on my Instagram "indiarobyn" as they were different sizes. I hope you have enjoyed this picture post and have managed to enjoy the snow, even though I know its love or hate haha!.

Speak Soon Beauties!


  1. Fab photos, I love what you're wearing too! xo


  2. Im a big snow fan and love seeing everyones picture's and yours are lovely! Im the same as you i overload myself with ideas. Looking forward to seeing your new things x


    1. Thanks lovely! - ahh tell me about it, I always overload myself with new ideas haha.


  3. I LOVE your wellington boots! Where are they from? Xxx

    1. Thanks lovely! - They are Tommy Hilfiger :)

      I love them because the bottom part is a welly (good for snow) but the rest is like a riding boot style & they are so comfy inside. xxx

  4. Looks like you've been having loads of fun in the snow! We have loads here too! Makes me feel so wintery :) lovely post hun! xxx

  5. aww i haven't built a snowman yet so I'm feeling very jealous! looks like you had a lovely time! xx

    1. Aww! - hope you get a chance to build one sweetie xx

  6. Ah love the snow!!! You looked like you had super fun!! Look glamourous hun :)

    Alessia xx

  7. Fab pics! I wish it snowed that much where I live in London! xxx

  8. LOVE the hat!
    Adoring your blog :)


  9. That outfit is to die for, I have coat and glove envy lol. Fantastic photos, snow looks so much better when you are cosy in bed!!I love your blog! New follower on bloglovin and gfc ! www.milkymoles.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I have loved the snow where i live :) doesn't everything become 10x more picturesque when covered in snow??


  11. I love your pictures, you live in such a gorgeous place! And your snowman is fab!
    You have the most gorgeous wintery outfit on too, your coat is so nice!! I love it <3


  12. Such lovely photos and I love your coat! Xx


  13. really lovely photos. the snow looks so beautiful and it looks as if you had lots of fun! you have such pretty hair too, darling!

    xx rae

  14. These photos are gorgeous!! Found you on a blog hop and I followed your blog! :)
    - HannahMarieBeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  15. Aw no, sorry the snow ruined your plans! But you got to take some gorgeous photos though, yes the snowman is adorable haha! xxx

  16. awww found you via bbloggers chat. This is so ridiculously cute! bless you!

    www.lealeaho.co.uk x

  17. Wow! The snow looks beautiful. I love your fur hat as well- practical chic! Thanks again for my mention on Twitter!

    xo, Isabelle


  18. What gorgeous photos, and I love your hat and gloves!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. The snow looks so pretty, and I love your hat x

  20. Beautiful pics hun!! the snowman is cute!

    I feel you on the doing too much and liking a challenge i am exactly the same
    Do you have a link to your jewel site? cannot wait to see what venture you and your man have come up with

    Missy x


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