1 January 2013

Start The New Year With Good Intentions!

Hey Lovelies!
So Christmas is over now... seriously it fly's by these days!, but I suppose that could be down to me getting older haha?!. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones, and I hope Santa was very nice to you all :). I was going to do a post about what I got for Christmas, but I had quite a lot of money compared to gifts... so I'm still thinking about what I would really like to treat myself too! Cough*Mulberry*Cough. My parents also kindly paid for my ahh mazing trip to Barcelona, as well as getting me and my boyfriend some pretty snazzy Mercedes airport transfers!. I also got some make-up for Christmas, which is going to form part of my Humongous make-up haul post... coming soon!. Finally, I can't forget the most amazing beauty box I had for Christmas off my beautiful bestie Sophia!! - She totally spoilt me with so many lovely goodies, I was like a big kid opening all of the beautifully wrapped pressies!.
Okay, so I wanted to do more of an inspirational post today to kind of mark the New Year. 2012 was a pretty tough year for me and I'm super looking forward to 13!!. My sister gave me this lovely little journal which is filled with positive sayings, as well as thought provoking questions. Its really amazing how just a few words can make you think about your life and put it into perspective. The Journal is all about positive intentions and how to help you see your life and goals more clearly.
You can buy this at amazon for around £7-10 including UK Postage HERE

If I could recommend anything to my followers it would be to get yourself a journal and write down your hopes, goals and feelings. It is such a great way to gain perspective on your life and realize what needs changing and what doesn't!. It's also a relaxing way to wind down just before bed, which is what I love most about it. Also! - try and think or write down 3 positive things from each day, so even if you have had a bad day, you can have a chance to reflect on good points, no matter how big or small they might be!.

My New Years Resolutions 

- Have more "ME" time
- Try not to worry as much
- Eat more healthy & drink water
- Use my gym membership

I just wanted to take this time to truly thank all my lovely followers for reading my blog, without you my blog wouldn't even exist  Blogging has give me space away from my stresses. I hope you all have a fabulous New Year, and I will be back to beauty very soon!. 

PS - I would love to hear about your New Year Plans!

India X



  1. Fab post lovely!! I need to stop worrying so much too!! Xx.

    1. Kayleigh <3 Hope you had a fab festive period with your family, boyfriend and friends!

      Thanks sweetie! - I'm a total worrier :(

      Hope we can both relax a little more haha!!


  2. Hello just stumbled across your blog :)
    Ahh we literally have the same resolutions, I'm a pro at being a worry guts about silly things
    Really good post by the way!
    Also I'm kinda new to blogging and was wondering if you'd stop by my blog?
    If you like it, maybe we could follow each other? X x



    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! Will check out your link for sure xx

  3. I tagged you in a post if you feel like doing it :) http://beautybyren.blogspot.com/2013/01/tag-youre-it.html

  4. Followed you! Please check me out


  5. This is beautiful!! http://divadesle.blogspot.com

  6. Mine are similar, sans the last one! I have 2 five year journals. Q&A and The Happiness Project and I love them. The one is questions and the other is positive quotes to reflect/be motivated by, so a similar concept! I am trying to better myself this year. :D

    Lizzums x

  7. Awww! This is so lovely!

    Would be a great gift! :)

    Naomi xxx


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